Reset Xform in MAX

When I reset Xform in MAX The dummies rotate vertically carrying everything with them. When I make a dummy from scratch with the direction facing forward, then reset Xform, it also rotates facing up. Since HODOR doesn’t like things without being reset… How do I get around this?

Unlink the child object from the empty, reset xform of empty, put the child object back under the empty, reset xform of child object.

At least, that is my paranoid method. :smiley:

Don’t forget to collapse/apply the reset xform modifier after you hit “reset xform”.

Sorry but why would that happen in the first place? You only really have to reset the meshes, but nothing is supposed to be linked to the meshes in HWRM.

But yeah, what Sastrei sais, unlink, reset, relink.

Same process here, though seriously if you have an animated mesh do this reseting first so everything is oriented correctly and then never scale it or reset it again if at all possible.

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Is there a way to get the unlinked items to go parallel to root? When I try to move the items there is no option to place it/them to parallel to root.

I don’t know what do you mean by parallel.

Well. When I move the objects off the root dummy I need to put it at the top of the hierarchy but MAX doesn’t have an option to put things back at the top.

I’m trying to narrow down why HODOR won’t take the DAE. It just crashes before any textures are applied. It’s been 4 days now. I’ve been through the model and maps thoroughly and can’t find the problem. I thought it may be because of the rotations.

No I really don’t get it. You want what on top? If you reconnect joint back to the Root, the Root will be on top.

Anyway, try “Schematic View” (an icon with two rectangles on top of each other right next to the Curve Editor icon).

Edit to your Edit. I don’t think the bad rotations would cause a crash with no message. At least the bad XForm will make the HODOR to tell you exactly that.

If I move the objects off the node I’m going to run the transform on, then transform, the blue arrow is not pointing forward anymore. It’s pointing up. I was told the roots need to be pointing in the direction of travel. So If I rotate the root back to facing forward then it requires an Xform again but that doesn’t work… it’s a vicious circle.

So rotate the Pivot. Hierarchy tab and “Affect Pivot Only”. Then either rotate it manually or allign it to the Root using the Allign tool.

I know of a script that’s really, REALLY useful for this sort of thing. Found it here on the Hard Light forums for FS2. It’s the script in the top code box,

The script resets the xforms of the selected objects without affecting the orientation and position of the child objects, while still keeping the hierarchy intact.

(Best way to use this script is to make it into a button, by copy and pasting it into the max script editor, then drag and dropping all the code onto the toolbar, which’ll make it a macro button.)


Thanks Bob :smiley:

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