Resetting Helix Nodes

I’m pretty sure that by this point everybody has wished that there was some way to reset a particular point in your helix. I know that it’s happened to me several times where, after leveling up in a fight, I’ll quickly grab the next node in the helix so that I can get back to the action and end up choosing the wrong one. Is there some way that we can get a system in order to reset a particular node in our helix? Something like a console in our respawn where we can pay shards in order to reset? It can cost a fair amount of shards, with the cost increasing each time so that people can’t constantly change their build, but should start low enough that if somebody misclicks during the match they aren’t hosed for the rest of the game for accidentally choosing the wrong bonus.

While I understand your point, I feel like very few (if any) nodes are “bad picks” or cause you to be “hose”.

What happens to me more than misclick, is that I misjudged the enemy team and planned for the wrong skills.

Could be an interesting one. I tend to save my augments for after the action has died down a bit, or I die, then take my time deciding. Deciding on a single augment in the middle of a team fight is most likely not going to be a total tide-turner, and the amount of shards you’ll save just by waiting that extra thirty seconds would be better spent on defences or minions, I feel.
At the very least, deciding on augments sure makes the 50-second respawn times seem a lot shorter!
I do feel like it could be useful when, like charlesmattson says, you misjudge their team though.

Most of them aren’t too huge, but there are some that are. For instance, Miko’s “Heal Thyself” early on is hugely beneficial, and is amazing for keeping him alive. I accidentally chose “Regenerative Aura” instead, thinking that his self-healing came later, and ended up having to turn away to heal fairly often, since I liked a fairly crucial healing skill, one that I rely on when playing as Miko. There are certain levels in the Helix where one skill is definitely a staple, and mischoosing leaves you with a suboptimal build for the rest of the match with nothing you can do to fix it.