Resetting Missions after TVHM

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Ok, so here are a few things I have encountered with my Borderlands 3 gameplay so far [42 hours played]

After finishg TVHM, I did a bit of disappointing farming on Mayhem 3. The Nerf in drop rate has has put a major cork in my fun. I decided to see if resetting the missions for TVHM only applied to the side quests, or the entirity of the story. it resets ALL quests

To my surprise, after resetting having Mayhem 3 turned on, the entire game is in Mayhem 3 already. After making it onto Sanctuary III and stemming the chaos that breaks out introducing you to the ship, I find there is no way to turn Mayhem mode off…I now get to replay the whole game on Mayhem 3. Awesome! You know what’s not awesome? The mission rewards are not scaled to Mayhem mode AT ALL. All mission rewards ARE THE SAME. I feel disappointed that the blue weapons with red text are not changed in the slightest. Level 50 hard capped mission weapons with no randomization is pointless if you are letting us reset the missions.


Resetting the missions on TVHM when Mayhem Mode 3 is turned on from the previous session makes the whole reset missions Mayhem 3 with no boost or change to mission reward weapons that are hard set to lvl 50 pre determined stats with no anointed versions

I am one dissapointed Vault Hunter right now.


Damn it. I was hoping that wouldn’t be the case… I really hope they make it so the missions reset like it sais or make it say reset game if they’re going to keep it like that.
Game needs lots of work sadly.


Not sure…but have you tried loading the normal play through one, going to Sanctaury, and choosing to turn off Mayhem Mode. This is done by viewing the current Mayhem selection, and a turn off option pops up. Then go back into TVHM and see if Mayhem Mode is still active?

I was under the impression that both Normal and TVHM modes forced you to complete the play through before Mayhem Mode could be activated.

The normal playthrough mode is it’s own entity entirely. Turning mayhem mode off in normal, does not effect my TVHM game. After completing the final story mission for my second TVHM run, it is now possible to control mayhem functionality as intended. Once I finish all the side quests for my second TVHM run, I will put it on mayhem 2 then reset the missions to verify my theory. If the game is on mayhem 2 when I start again, then it will be 100% proven that whichever mayhem mode is active at the time of mission resets will lock you in that mode until you finish the main story. If I reset the missions on mayhem 2 and the game says mayhem 3 at the beginning, then it will be proven that resetting the missions will force you to play on the hardest difficulty (kind of like ultimate vault hunter mode from BL2).

Gearbox, if you are reading this, was that your intent? Did you leave out Ultimate Vault Hunter Mode in this game in favor of Mayhem Mode?

How about you fellow gamers? Have you encountered this problem?

does it also reset Typhon DeLeon waypoints as well.

No. Crew challenges do not reset.

I am having the same issue… I beat the story in normal and then again in tvhm… While playing in tvhm with Mayhem 3 on… I decided to reset my game so I could start a fresh run through with my nephew… And what do you know… Stuck in Mayhem 3… get to Sanctuary and there is no pillar… So I HAVE to beat the story AGAIN (which sucks btw) to be able to turn mayhem 3 off? That’s kinda ■■■■■■■■… I only had mayhem on to farm a few bosses… The game is not fun (like at all at all) to play thru in Mayhem 3…

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I resorted to quitting and reloading a few times because the random buff/debuffs were frigging insane together. I always carry a backpack half full of weapons that I need to swap around constantly for mayhem 3. Once you get an idea of what guns you need to pull out for what buffs, it gets easy. I refuse to play an area with these together:

All guns do 50% less damage but action skill and ability damage is increased 45%

Enemies deal 40% more damage.

Enemies fire two bullets per shot.

Enemies gain 45% more shields and health.

$%#@ that nonsense. It is not fun.

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Need to be fixed! After resetting the TVHM I have to play through the f***** story again, just to switch of the chaos mode.

Someone said mayhem in Normal mode is something diferent from TVHM mayhem. So if you started TVHM, you’re most likely not in mayhem. Enemies just get stronger because of the increased difficulty and level of TVHM.

The first time you start TVHM it works as intended. When you reset the missions, it locks you into whatever mayhem mode you had on last. You can tell by going into your map and moving the cursor off your waypoint arrow. A box with all the buffs and debuffs shows up on the upper right side of the map.

We didn’t get UVHM in BL2 until the first level cap raise, sonwe could stiLL get UVHM with the first level cap bump and also have Mayhem 4+ unlocked as well. Super hard playthroughs and bonus loot!!! Good info though on the resetting. Could you still punch eridium or did you have to wait til you got to 1st vault?

UVHM isn’t really needed in BL3. In fact neither TVHM was needed, it’s there just to replay the game without having to create a new character. The enemies scale with the player right after finishing the main story for the first time. What’s making the game easier or harder and controlling the loot drops is the Mayhem mode, which can be tweaked in future patches.

You could be like me…I forgot to adjust the mayhem mode before resetting TVHM for the 2nd time, and now I’m locked into Mayhem Mode Level 4. I forgot I had mayhem mode on when I went to reset the missions bc I haven’t played Borderlands for about a month now…so I have to re-familiarize myself with the game and controls, while on Mayhem Mode Level 4. Woo! :man_facepalming::man_facepalming: I’m about to take on Mouthpiece, which was hard to take down on mayhem level 2 lol. Wish me luck.

Gearbox, y’all should probably fix this lol. This is freaking insanely difficult.

Wait so if i complete nvhm and reset to tvhm playthrough hammerlock and zero crew challenge is not reset?