Resetting Missions, Gearbox Please?

Please allow all mission and challenges ( Legendary Hunts, Target of Opportunity, Crew Challenges, etc. ) to be replayable when resetting missions. Some legendary weapons are only obtainable once, but then are rendered useless after a level cap increase.

If this is not possible, would it be possible to receive a reason or logic behind the exclusion of these missions / challenges?




The reason is as far as I can tell: They don’t care about console players at all. All these things can be done one way or another on PC with various different methods, be it game save downloads or tweaking your save states to refarm an item constantly etc etc that gearbox seems completely Ok with I guess, but people like me who have been asking for a way to refarm a bekah since LITERALLY the 2nd week the game dropped have gotten nothing. There is absolutely no reason I see that they can’t add these into someones lootpool or even just world drops. To be fair tho I don’t even think these scale with m10 atm anyhow on any platform so even if we could get a bekah or schoville they would be garbo on higher mayhems anyways sadly :frowning:


It’s also insanely frustrating to see other challenge rewards that actually follow the world drop/loot pool idea I’ve had since launch like the Lyuda for Zero’s hunts as example. Infuriating >:(

WTF, they don’t scale…sheesh
Well a new Pearl would be nice.

Nope, challenge rewards, quest/mission rewards, mail items and chests do not scale at any mayhem level whatsoever atm for whatever reason …

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