Resetting my missions on TVHM

So I just reset my missions and started from the beginning…I was in Mayhem mode 2 but is this still active? I didn’t see the usual indicators on the side of the map. Loot has been decent and the enemies don’t feel as strong as they would be in TVHM MM3.

Any ideas?

Posting mostly to follow this for an answer… would be hilarious if we were ‘trapped’ in some mayhem mode we weren’t necessarily in love with after a reset until we made it to Sanctuary to turn it off.

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I did the same thing a couple days ago and had left Mayhem 1 on when I switched to TVHM. I noticed the $$ reduction right away. I was only 44 when I did it and had just finished the campaign. I went back to my normal Mayhem 1 save and will complete all the side missions first.

One note, I found TVHM incredibly hard compared to normal Mayhem 1. Was it just my imagination or is TVHM a thing?

If you are on console then yes it’s likely active. I’ve not run into this issue but people here post that you either have to beat the game again to unlock the console or that you can change the difficulty to normal, disable it there, then go back to TVHM.

Not sure about the difficulty switch though.

Tvhm should be harder in general. Tvhm m1 would be harder than nvhm m1.

There must be a way to turn mayhem mode on with the quest reset? I’m loaded up with legendaries…normal TVHM enemies are not going to stand a chance against me without at leas level 2 of Mayhem…plus I want more legendary loot drops.

What is the point of giving us mayhem modes if we can’t experiences the entire game with them?

TVHM is harder than normal mode, but compared with Normal Mayhem 3 the TVHM mode is a joke. My advice is play Mayhem 3 in normal mode when you finish the story, in half an hour you will reach 50th level, in a couple of hours you will have equipment that allow you to play it satisfactory in this mode. Then, rush TVHM and play it in whathever Mayhem level you want, full of loot, xp and badasses.

Hey I figured it out. When you reset the quests on TVHM your game restarts after the intro movies and you are not in Mayhem mode. The trick is to rush your way through the main missions, ignoring side quests until you get onto Sanctuary. The Mayhem pillar thing is there regardless of your playthrough because it’s not a quest. You can then set your Mayhem mode and return to Pandora to do sidequests with a challenge.

It’s not ideal, and really there should be the option to restart the game at level 50 in TVHM with whatever Mayhem mode you ended it, but maybe they’ll patch it.

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No idea why you felt you needed to explain this to me. :slight_smile:

I’ll take it though - never occurred to me to mix Normal/True Mayhem modes. :thinking:

Cause I didnt understand well your question, cause english is not may native idiom. Im sorry if bothered you. :slight_smile: