Resetting Ops Points?

So right now I’m playing a solo Operation (the Phobe one) and when I first start and make it to the door, for some reason Nova is beside the door and I can click on her to set my ops points.
When I approach her she says something along the lines of "combat too difficult for you? You can always reset your ops points"
Why is resetting them an option? Isn’t your goal to get 50 or more?
And now half way through this mission. I see her again.
Why is this a thing? Was it recently added or am I missing something here?

  1. There are different missions depending on the OPs.
  2. You can have more fun at times with a Zero OPs run.
  3. If you’re farming it’s easier to get Legendary gear.
  4. The loot for doing 100 OPs can be total trash, it’s a dice roll.
  5. Once you get both skins, maybe you just want to have a nice cup of tea and play the map.
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She is at every checkpoint in every op. The difficulty increases the more ops points you have so she asks if it’s too hard and you can reset to make it easier. Running ops legendary gear you don’t really need to reset because you get stronger too. It’s most difficult at the beginning with 3 people with 50 ops points because you are starting level 1 with no gear against tough mobs.