Resetting playthroughs

Hey guys.

This may sound silly but I am just kinda confused on resetting in general and could not find much that I was looking for online.

One question is how many resets do you have? I was wondering because I do not want to do side quests to max out my characters level but I want all the unique weapons I can get from side quests to be the maxed leveled before I do them, If you only have one reset. So if I can just run through the story a couple times then reset the campaign after I am maxed that might be best. I am not for sure and am up for any advice. That may sounds silly to a veteran but I just do not want to put in the work to have it be erased.

Another question is do the DLC reset too? If so when? I have not checked out any DLC yet but I am assuming you have to go to a different area to check them out. So do they reset when you leave, I doubt it but have to ask. Or maybe they reset when you reset your play-through. Maybe they do not reset at all. I do not know and that is why I am asking.

The last question is do the side missions from crew members reset with playthroughs as well. I know if you assassinate all of zeros targets you can get a special gun, as well as claptrap and all the other side mission like that. But do they reset when you reset your playthrough.

That is believe is everything I would like to know if possible.


You can reset as many times as you want. All storyline progression is reset when you do so, including in the DLC.

Crew Challenges, however, DO NOT reset. You can only get those rewards once per character, so make sure you don’t complete them until you’re maxed out in level.

Thank you this clears up a lot for me planning ahead. In terms of leveling, maxing and completing the crew challenges.

I hope you have a good night and again thank you for your help.