Resetting UVHM - How?

Hey guys.

Just passed UVHM for the first time with @ACNAero

Currently level 56 with many sidequests left to do.

I am just wondering how i would go about resetting UVHM.

Will everything scale to my current level?

Could i do it all at 60?

Go to character select screen, select your character, hover over UVHM, then press triangle.

Yes, everything will scale.

That’s really cool!

Thanks, buddy!

Team AA will reunite for the Claptastic Voyage!

Need me to carry you through the bosses again this time 'round? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


But only after I’ve single handedly icily destroyed every single mob on the way again!

you guys are funny. the guy you play with answers you in almost every topic you create. couldnt you just ask him when you guys party up? :smiley:

That is funny.

I guess i could.

Trying to be more active on this board, mainly…

you had some good threads on the last board and made work less boring during down time. so please be more active!


I will try!

Do you guys play on Xbox or PS4? (I kinda need some buddies to play with)

Holy crap.

I miss this board!


Oh my gosh, didn’t realise this was 11 months ago. Hahaha, sorry, ignore me :smile:

Long time no see Flames :slight_smile: