Resistance stacking: how does it work?

So I’m curious how different skills and items that have resistances stack. I assume it’s not as simple as just adding them together. For instance I have the following shock resistances:

Vladof Ingenuity 8/5: 59%
Artificat bonus: 26%
Shield bonus: 20%

If I add them together I have 105% shock resistance but I assume that’s not how it works. Anyone know how those get applied?

Yeah, it’s probably -20% (shield resis.) of the 26% (artifact resis.) of the 41% (vladof ingenuity resis.) left. I hate math, so maybe somebody could attempt that.

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I’m not sure what you just said but thanks for the math attempt. lmao.

Wait, I need to adjust it… math.

For general damage reduction stacking:

Damage Taken = Damage x ( 1 / (1 + reduction1 + reduction2 + …) )

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(Forums won’t let me reply with incomplete sentences…)

Wow…ok. Is there a way to determine what the overall shock resistance is from that mess? I’m just trying to figure out what my effective resistance number is and at what point the diminishing returns is not worth stacking more.

Well, I just followed the equation, and you don’t have 105% shock resistance…

Apparently you have 10600% shock resistance! Wait… FAKE MATH.

(I just realized they already did the math. I didn’t see decimals used. I already said I hate math…)

Your overall reduction is 105%. The damage you as a player take is equal to the original damage divided by 1+damage reduction.

So in your example any damage you take is divided by 2.05.

Edit: The above is wrong. Armored infantry is damage reduction whereas the the shield is damage resistance. These are not the same thing.

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So my poor math skills come up with…

If you had 1000 damage plugged into that it would be 488 damage taken and 512 damage resisted. So like 51% resist? Not sure if that is correct but seems pretty weak for having over 100% resists. :frowning:

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I guess what I’m looking for is the effective resistance. What % of shock damage will I actually resist with 105%?

Hmm, how does the Transformer shield fit into this? It has 100% shock resistance and the unique ability to convert shock damage into shields. If the unique ability is responsible for the complete shock immunity of the player, why is the 100% shock resistance even mentioned, just for illustration purposes?

I made a mistake and confused resistance and damage reduction, I’ve corrected the above posts to state the correct terms.

Resistance is a direct translation to less damage. Eg 100% resistance means you take no damage. Reduction is calculated as above.

It’s explained better in this thread:

@Sidartha I’m afraid I may of misled you as the 13% resistance from the shield will not stack with the Vladof Ingenuity bonus. I would need to do some testing before I can give you a correct answer as to exactly how much less damage you take.

Why would it not stack? Is that true for all skills and shields or is there some other rule in play that is not obvious? I mean it’s not like it’s uncommon for items (including shields and artifacts) to have resists on them so why wouldn’t they stack with skills?

Armored Infantry is Damage Reduction, Shields are Damage Resistance. These are 2 different concepts and are calculated separately. The good thing for you is that because they’re separate you shouldn’t suffer diminishing returns from stacking them.

When I get some free time I’ll work out the exact interplay between them and let you know.

Except I’m not talking about Armored Infantry. Not sure where that came into the conversation. The skill is Vladof Ingenuity and I have it maxed + 3 points from my mod giving me 8/5 which is 59% shock resistance. Then, in addition to that I have shock resist on my artifact and shield which combine to a total of 105%. Even though my shock resist is over 100% I’m pretty sure I’m not immune to shock damage so that’s what I’m trying to figure out.

Eish, apologies looks like I’ve been all over the place with my attempted help today.

I haven’t tested resistance enough to help. My understanding of it though is that you should be shock immune. Try shooting your feet with a shock weapon and see if you take damage.

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I only recently got above 100% and haven’t tested it so I guess it is possible I’m immune to shock but it didn’t feel like it. I’ll test it out thanks.

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