Resolution issue cant view map

i use aspect ratio 32:9 resolution 3840x1080
there are several times ive noticed things not quite right.
the biggest is when viewing the map you cant see half of it and all legends at the bottom are cut off, also unable to do tutorial for map with this resolution as the tutorial box is off screen forcing you to have to change resolution just to get out of that screen. also the events tab is half cut off and not even scrollable to read it all forcing to change to a weird resolution just to view it all. normal game play seems uneffected other then the viewing of the map for what ive noticed, but that said viewing the map is very important as thats how you travel around with fast travel and such. i would love to be able to keep 1 resolution the entire time that i play with my monitors natural resolution . the resolution i am using is not in the “unsupported” ratio section. thanks in advance for any assistance .

i doubt the issue is on my end but just incase these are some rough specs for my pc. im using display port with 3840x1080 @144hz asus rog strike xg49v monitor. i9-9900k , 64gb corsair ram @3200mhz, amd asus rx 5700xt 8gb videocard.