Resolution not changing from undefined? How can i fix this?

ok so i have tried just about everything i can find on the internet to help me change my resolution, but nothing is working. The problem is that my game automatically sets my resolution to undefined and whenever i try to set it to 1920x1080 in game it reverts right back again. It does this for fullscreen, windowed fullscreen, and windowed. I honestly have no idea how to fix and if i dont my game runs around 10 fps in combat. Please can someone help me get my resolution set correctly?

Moving this to the PC tech support section for you.

This happens to me on occasion, but I’ve never noticed performance drops from it. Post your specs?

nvidia gtx 860
8gb ram
i7 4810MQ, 2.80 ghz

also a side note i noticed, borderlands the pre sequel for me also runs at undefined resolution, but the game runs at a constant 60-140 fps depending on what is going on on the screen. so i can see that it is not the undefined resolution problem, but something else i guess. im going to try and reinstall the game and see what happens there

I’m guessing this isn’t your problem, every single one of your specs is significantly better than mine and I’ve never had a problem. If the re-install dosen’t work I’m not sure what to tell you outside of lowering your settings.