Resolution secretly resets but

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I am currently facing a problem where everytime I restarted Borderlands 3 , the resolution secretly reset to lower resolution .

I said secretly because after rebooting the game , the settings still list the game is running @ 1440p but it is much more blurry than it should be . ( In this case the settings are definitely saved in the config ini files ) . Resetting the visuals to default will restore the resolution but it will happen on the next game restart again .

I have read a couple of other posts where antivirus / anti malware is the cause of the problem.
In my case it definitely isn’t anti-virus because I have intentionally disabled and uninstalled them to see if the problem persist and sadly it does . I have also excluded Epic and all folders related to borderlands 3 in the AV exclusion .

Anyone else running on 1440p or higher res is having the same problem as me ?

I’m having the same issue, it starts normal but right when it goes to start the menu, it changes.

Hey guys I was having this same issue. Go to where the exe is located (Borderlands3\OakGame\Binaries\Win64) and change the compatibility options to run as administrator and change high dpi settings and check both boxes. Game now loads up in my desired resolution every time. Hope this helps!

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Yep I have the same issue, game says it’s in 1440 when it restarts but its in a different resolution. Need to change the resolution twice to get it to the correct one whenever i start the game.

Don’t listen to this guy, I did this and my game wouldn’t open anymore.

just realized this was happening today. i turned on the FPS counter and was wondering why i was suddenly getting 100FPS vs the 50FPS i was seeing yesterday. turns out, game was running at 2560x1440 not the 3840x2160 it was set to. turns out 20 series scaling is pretty good. and the art style helps. because it was not super obvious visually, other than the smoothness from higher frames. ive actually found that running 1440 @ 125% scaling looks pretty good on my 4k monitor. 70fps this way is better than the 50 at true 4k and it looks a little sharper than 1440 @ 100%. wonder if next game launch it will drop it to something less than 1440 now since thats what its set to…

Same issue here. It also doesn’t seem to save other graphics settings either. e.g. I’ll have framerate set to match my monitor, but when I load the game it’s always above that value until I change the game resolution.

GTX1060 with latest drivers here. Antivirus/malware is definitely not the issue.

Same exact problem here, 1440p resolution as well.

There is a line in the ini files, Documents/My Games/Borderlands 3/Saved/config/WindowsNoEditor/GameUserSettings.ini something like -LastUserConfirmedResolutionSize…, change that entry manually to your preferred res, i did it and it worked.

Ps. I think you should change FullscreenMode=0 to 1 and LastconfirmedFullscreenMode=0 to 1 aswell.

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Already tried that on my end. Unfortunately regardless of what’s in that file it doesn’t load it when booting the game up.

Just in case anyone is still looking for a solution to this I was able to fix it for myself by going into properties from the BL3 exe. Go to compatibility, change high DPI settings and then set the high DPI scaling override to application.

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For me, I didn’t need to check both boxes. Just the bottom one and set it to application. And I didn’t need to run it as administrator either.

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It’s a half fix for me, I was trying that too yesterday. The game starts in the desired resolution, but it starts in Borderless mode. It’s still better, you just need to change it to fullscreen mode at every boot.

That sucks. Double check your GameUserSettings file that FullScreenMode=0.

“going into properties from the BL3 exe. Go to compatibility, (change settings for all users, if shown) change high DPI settings and then set the high DPI scaling override to application.”

This worked for me, thank you !!
ps. only check the bottom box, “override high DPI scaling behavior Scaling performed by: Application”

Also I went to windows display settings > advanced scaling settings and turn OFF fix scaling for apps

“going into properties from the BL3 exe. Go to compatibility, (change settings for all users, if shown) change high DPI settings and then set the high DPI scaling override to application.”
Worked for me too! It also fixed two of my freezing issues. Without this, the game froze my machine while loading up every other time. It also hardcore froze up my machine with HDR enabled every time. Now I’m not crashing at all! yay.


I love how gearbox couldn’t care less. “People have problems? Yea but do we already have their money? Not a problem for us then…”

did you figure out a way to get it back without having to reinstall game?

This is my .ini

After change right click on the GameUserSettings.ini set attributes: Read only and in the game use the ALT+ENTER its go from windowed mode to full screen mode.
At the end, maybe the values not match/incorrect with the resolution and tittle “in visual setting” Full screen isn’t full screen and others, and ALT+ENTER is a lazy fix!

is working now without need change the “GameUserSettings.ini” before i over drive my monitor “4k-acer predator cg437kp” to the 144hz mode, at this mode i lose the adaptive sync “because 144hz mode is only for AMD” but in nvidia control panel still i get the G-Sync compatible, its glitch! so game enable vsync as default then i get scaling/resolution problems, after every restart, it’s always become on, doesn’t matter change the value in “GameUserSettings.ini” I think the engine does that, Anyway, Sorry GBX it was my fault :slight_smile:

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