[Resolved] Anyone else lose money buying bank space after the 'Hot Fix'?

Just lost over $2 Million buying more bank space from Marcus, and it didn’t show up in my bank. Frustrated AF. $2 Million may not sound like much to some of you, but I only had slightly over $4 Million to begin with. Now I’m going to be forced to sell gear I don’t want to, or drop gear I don’t want to drop when I come across something new, instead of storing them in my bank. I wouldn’t have expected this after the much touted ‘Hot Fix’, yet here I am. Created a Support Ticket so now we’ll just wait and see. PS–I’ve done that before, and nothing…

Responded to your similar post elsewhere but didn’t see a reply. Are you sure that the extra slots weren’t added? The ‘new’ bank does not display empty rows anymore; the total number of slots should be visible above the displayed items though - is that unchanged or has it increased to reflect your SDU purchase?

Hello VaultHunter 101–just replied on the other thread. Nope. No new slots visible, but I will check once I get finished with lunch with regards to your reply. Thanks so much!

@VaultHunter101 Hey just wanted to let you know you were right–the space was there, just wasn’t showing up in the bank menu. But when I tried placing a gun from my backpack into the bank, in it went! I was very happy. Thanks again man!

No problem.