[RESOLVED] Can't Open Game, No Error Message Thrown

Hey, so I just downloaded the game last night and eagerly awaited playing it today. However, when I went to play it, the “Preparing to launch” screen flickered briefly and then closed, and the game did not launch. Unlike many other issues I’ve seen on this forum, no error messages were thrown. Is there somewhere I can find a detailed launch log to try to find the problem, or should I just try reinstalling?

UPDATE: For some reason, after 2 game updates 150-250 MB in size and a computer restart, the game finally launches. I don’t know what happened, but it works. Sorry that I can’t give more info as to what went wrong.

there should be an error log folder somewhere in the Mahogany game directory. That may have something useful for you. Also, check that your AV software isn’t treating it as a virus