[Resolved] Claiming Golden Keys Now Linked to PSN Subscription?

Can’t seem to get my alternate account’s character to become ‘online’ anymore. Not sure when this happened, but this means I can’t receive any new mail and therefore can’t receive the golden keys that I had been claiming through the shift website.

Anyone else having this issue? I wonder if it’s because my alternate account does not have an active psn subscription. When did this happen? Used to be able to claim the golden keys.

Is your alternate account on your main ps4? If so it shouldn’t have an issue; If your signed in to your main account on a seccondary ps4 your able to access psn through the alternate account there too

All from the same PS4. Don’t know why I can’t go online with the alternate anymore.

My bad, I hadn’t accepted the new PSN terms and conditions with my alternate account. Everything working good as before.

Glad you got it sorted! Closing and relocating since issue is resolved.