[Resolved] Cutscenes / Animatics / Cinematics stuttering

Hi everyone !
Before posting this new thread, i already searched the web (here, the steamcommunity forums and googling for days) for a possible answer to this problem.
However it is not an uncommon glitch (for what i saw), none of the solutions i found resolved the problem.
It’s simple : every animatics in the game doesn’t play smoothly.
Even without the v-sync or depth of field enabled or when i try launching the game with the lowest possible settings, it doesn’t play well.
For the gameplay/graphics in-game everything is fine (even with all settings at max) and when i play the animatics located in the game folder with VLC (.webm files), it’s perfect.
I’m using an Asus G750 laptop with a Nvidia GTX 770m and the latest drivers for everything on Windows 10.
I don’t have any video codec pack installed (i’m just using VLC to play videos) and the game has been installed (and re-installed 2 times) directly from the steam app and is also updated to its latest version.
Thanx in advance for anyone who can help :).

The playback doesn’t use any codecs, the decoder is built in to the game itself - so don’t burn anymore time trying to remedy that…

It is very hard to say what’s going on without being able to debug, which is extremely unlikely… Generally that decoder has run well for most people. Being software instead of potentially hardware accelerated it can be a bit slow, and indeed the game runs (mostly) on a single thread. So your CPU would be the question here, nothing else.

Thx for your answer :slight_smile:.
So after saying that it’s software related instead of hardware, I checked the performance settings of my system in the power configuration panel of my laptop and i saw that everything was set in “energy saving” (don’t know why because i’m almost everytime not using it on its battery, especially for playing).
After setting it for “high performance”, it resolved the problem.
Everything is running smooth and beautifully now.

Thx a lot for having me think of a possible (simple) solution.
Maybe it will help others who have experienced this (or another) problem :smile:.


Could you add a (resolved) in the title of the thread ?
It will help people searching for a solution to the same problem :slight_smile:

Done :slight_smile:.

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