[RESOLVED] Divide by zero

Glad to hear from you and that Homeworld is not abandoned ! :slight_smile:


Thank you @JoeKGBX!

Still hopeful that the files I sent through will give some insight on the divide by zero issue… :frowning:


Bitvenom on another project eh?



would be nice

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I’d much rather it was Homeworld: Deserts of Kharak 2: The Dust Wars. You know what they’ll be saying… “Nothing like good ol’ HW:DoK2:TDW”.


The issue causing the divide by zero bug has been identified, I am working on uploading a fix to Steam for ST:C this evening (SVN has decided to deny me access to my SVN though, just to make it unnecessarily frustrating.)

Community members Revanant_Duck and BSilver2988 on Steam donated about 20 hours of their time between them to play revisions of the mod to identify the last “clean” revision and narrow down what needed to be investigated to something manageable. I could not have resolved this without their help.

The error was caused by the game attempting to access strike group files under the filter tags “sgf_gbx” and “sgf_hwrm” without those strike group files being passed in ConfigFilters.lua. I can only assume that any attempt to access filtered content will result in a similar CTD-without-error and a divide by zero in the minidump text files.

The reason that these tags were removed from ConfigFilters.lua is that I was over-zealous cleaning up after I had added the tags for the HwRM maps into STC while I dealt with the random map generator not being multiplayer safe. Once I had dealt with the maps thanks to PayDay’s marvellous map editor I restored the STC maps and removed all the non STC tags from the file. Oddly enough this caused the crash at random intervals instead of on game load, making it extremely hard to trace.

I added the two tags back

I am disappointed in the GBX development team for releasing a feature with incomplete/non-existent logging. I am also disappointed in their complete disregard of the issue here despite @JoeKGBX bringing this to their attention weeks ago.

Most of all I am disappointed in myself for not acting more carefully with STC. I would like to apologise to the community for my careless error :disappointed_relieved:


I’ve never been so proud of the heroic sacrifice of two guys playing video games for 20 hours.

The dev situation troubles me, but perhaps not for the same reason as most. I feel like if they’re guilty of one thing, it’s neglecting to tell us when they were done. Remember that for a time they were helping in ways that frankly I would never have expected any career person to help. Troubleshooting individual projects, adding in massive features like formations and ballistics… crazy things like that they never needed to do, but they did it because we wanted them to. It’s a horrible shame that our time with them is over already; it’s time we probably all wish we would have made more use of if we’d known. But personally I can’t shame them for cutting us off if they’ve been reassigned. Their job is something else now. If they had helped with this, it would have set a precedent and we all would have expected their eventual help with bugs as they came up, stretching them thin across this ongoing effort and whatever else they’re doing now. It’s upsetting, but I think it’s what they had to do. But that is easy for me to say, since I still mod pretty much exactly as if it were still 2003.


First off, kudos to you guys on this. As someone who is not technically proficient in these ways, I’m very impressed!

This is understandable, but I would ask that you not be too upset with them. These types of things can get tricky logistically sometimes. I can assure you that the team is still just as passionate about the franchise and I hope this doesn’t come across as anyone being neglectful towards you guys. :slight_smile:

Moving on to other projects is tough sometimes, but it’s necessary. Like I’ve said before, I know I’m not as knowledgeable as Dave on the technical side, but it’s part of my job to be here for you guys in any way I can – and I’m happy to do it. If there’s an issue or you guys need some support as you did here, just let me know and I’ll do my absolute best to make sure we take care of you guys. We want the Homeworld community to grow, so please never hesitate to reach out to me.

I think this issue is a good example of how we can coordinate and work together to accomplish a goal that makes things better for the community!


Glad to see this fixed. :slight_smile:

Looking at the steamcharts is always a bit sad. Homeworld really seems to be a niche strategy game…
I wonder why?

It had its day when it was new. Now it has been around a while in a genera that has been on the decline for a long time (RTS).

It has a heavy leaning curve to play Multi Player, especially since to many die-hard fans are so good now.

The single player is good but once done there is not much more to it… not many fan made campaigns out there (I think mostly due to lack of tools).

The comp stomp can be fun but since the AI is not the best and can really only be modified through smoke and mirror style editing (we cant access the original AI code) you have to rely on amping up the brute force attack which can get old once you done it so many times. There are no replays to watch for entertainment or learning.

I would say that is a start.

I do love it though. :slight_smile:

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I am curious, just in general, but do game companies have rules when and what developers can say to the public?

I was not sure if there was some written or unwritten rule in place to protect the company or developer from some known or unknown outcome from forum posts. hehe

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This is a bit of a loaded question, but yes, absolutely. In the way I perceive you to be asking it though, not exactly.

In other words, it’s not to say that a member of the HW team wouldn’t “be allowed” comment on the forums here and there, the issue is more with their focus being split from what they’re working on. There’s also the idea that someone mentioned above that we want to make sure that whoever is interacting with you guys the most is available, and you guys feel like we’re supporting you as best we can.


Glad to hear that and thank you for taking care of us :slight_smile: ! Regarding issues, well there is still the one BIG issue of bug #666 (see here and here) which is the only remaining main bug of the game and which really needs fixing.

If this bug could be solved most of the community would be pretty happy with the game I would presume (based one the comments over the last couple of months), but it requires work that can only be done by a developer and therefore we need someone like BitVenom to take a look at it and implement a fix, the cause for the bug has been pretty much determined already (see links I posted).


Maelrizzo, glad to see I’m not the only one on my toes about this! I’ve just put a post in the first thread trying to get a call out to anyone. We need to have a verbal meeting or conference or something and get real people with real ideas in real time to figure this out!


Well it is the least/only thing I can do since I can’t code or mod, so I can at least continue to remind GBX of the issue :wink:


I’m sure the number of players will rise once Complex is released.


I’ve just called Joe there, just before seeing your post here ^^

Thank you.

Lurker here, finally creating an account in order to reply to this thread. I’m sorry if what I’m about to say offends anyone, but I feel it needs saying:

[quote=“JoeKGBX, post:38, topic:1547868”]
I hope this doesn’t come across as anyone being neglectful towards you guys.
[/quote]That is exactly what this came across as. Over a month of STCR being broken, and you guys did precisely jack. I too am disappointed in you.

[quote=“JoeKGBX, post:38, topic:1547868”]
I think this issue is a good example of how we can coordinate and work together to accomplish a goal that makes things better for the community!
[/quote]Pardon me while I get the shovel for the cattle manure. This wasn’t an example of you “coordinating and working together” with the community, this was an example of the community realizing that it was going to have to fend for itself if it wanted anything to happen, after you did nothing. The only reason that the Divide by Zero bug has apparently been taken care of is because of some dedicated members of the community, and we have them to thank for the fact that we’re no longer having to wait around for you.

Again, apologies if I’ve unduly offended anyone, but it needed to be said.


I mean, I get that the sentimentalism here was a little thick, but I really ain’t keen on how we have to turn all of our griefs around here into dev witch hunts. Joe here offered to help but stressed repeatedly that this is not his area of expertise, not to mention he at least tried to get help from the coding expert; I don’t see what more anyone could expect him to do. As for the rest of the devs, we might be left out in the cold now, but they spent months working on adding features just because we asked for them. Before that they were remastering and rebundling a game series no one had any right to believe would ever be revived, and the whole company was rewarded with the same lukewarm enthusiasm for the franchise it regrettably received the first time around. Who can say if they even made any money, yet they kept working on it for over a year afterwards, adding new and free features.

Anger and frustrations are going to happen, but we gotta maintain some perspective here. It was never their job to fix our broken stuff; even if it were, it isn’t now. The fact that they took a hand in that for a time was generous, and now, completely thankless for our part.

Let me reduce this one more time:

  1. Remastered is everything HW2 was and more
  2. There’s no rational reason Remastered should even exist
  3. Substantial parts of Remastered were only ultimately integrated because we asked for it and the devs were willing to work very hard to make it happen
  4. It sucks that we’re basically on our own again and with no warning. If this issue is any indication though, we can handle it, just like we always could. The blame was ultimately not constructive. So why not remember that we’re actually better off than we were back in 2003 when all this started?