[RESOLVED] Game keeps crashing, out of ideas

I’ve been trying to launch the game in steam, but it crashes after thee logos. I’ve followed every fix I’ve found, tried uninstalling and reinstalling multiple times.

I’ve uninstalled several games, and nothing’s worked. I’m about ready to request a refund and stick with my ps3 edition

I’m sure my computer isn’t the issue, but I’m willing to consider anything at this point

EDIT: I’m not sure if its a crash. after the logos, I’m returned to my desktop and the game stops running.

i got bored and browsed the binary files. as it turns out, there were files that weren’t supposed to be there, when i had attempted to mod the game. i deleted those files, reinstalled the game, and it works fine.

thanks to those who commented, but this was the issue of my stupidity, not my computer or corrupted files

It would help if you could list them; it’s possible you missed one, but turning this into a giant guessing game is a bit inefficient.

setting it no launcher,
uninstalling and reinstalling,
clearing space on my computer,
deleting the files in documents, then reinstalling,
setting everything to the lowest settings,
checking for driver updates

One thing you could check is that the game isn’t being blocked from connecting to the internet by Windows firewall. I’d also check the permissions on the folders that would normally contain your save games and config file. If you’re using Steam, also use the built-in ‘Verify files’ feature just in case something is off.

If the game is creating a config file, try opening it in something like Notepad to see if it’s actually got settings, or whether it’s just an empty file.

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