(RESOLVED)I redeemed credits for an Ogre, and it's not showing up

Subject says it all. I have it linked to my Steam account. My golden keys show up, but when I “bought” the “Ogre”, and logged into my Commando, it wasn’t in his backpack.

Is it listed as the rewards on-the-go SHIFT site?

I ALT+TABbed out of the game, after the rewards not being there for 24 hours to post this, and when I want back in after posting it, they were there. Odd.

Anyway, it’s fixed.

There is some lag between the VIP site and things showing up in-game, especially if your game is running at the time you do the redemption.

I have waited over 2 days to receive an Antifection grenade and it has still not appeared. The Rewards History in the My Profile section of the VIP Program show that the 4000 points were spent. I sent a message to the Support site but still nothing has happened. There seems to be a bit of a problem with the Gearbox VIP Program.

Yes - there’s quite the thread on it in the Handsome Collection section right now.