(Resolved) Issue redeeming Tales from the Borderlands loot for Borderlands: TPS

Hello everyone and team Gearbox,

I’m having an odd issue redeeming the exclusive loot for Borderlands the Pre-Sequel from the extra menu in Tales from the Borderlands. The specifics of my case are as follows:

I purchased the Season Pass for Tales from the Borderlands when it first came out from the PSN store on PS3. I also purchased Borderlands the Pre-Sequel and its Season Pass from the PSN store as well around December.

Whenever I head over to the Extras menus in Tales from the Borderlands, it asks me to purchase the Season Pass again (something I already have). I once even asked to go ahead and purchase it just to see what would happen. It returned an error message (I can no longer remember what it is at the moment).

In short, I am a Season Pass holder for Tales from the Borderlands, and I also own Borderlands the Pre-Sequel, but cannot seem to get to that loot.

I’m also unsure whether or not to post this on the Telltale Games forums or the Gearbox forums, as I am unsure where the problem actually lies.

UPDATE: Have emailed Telltale Games Support about the issue, and will update this thread with any info that I receive for others that may also be facing this issue.

Have you checked the Shift station in Concordia to see if it was there?

Yeah, but I couldn’t find anything there. I think perhaps the issue has something to do with the fact that I purchased the season pass for Tales from the Borderlands directly from the PSN store and not directly within the game itself (I am unsure whether this is the actual cause or not).

See this for plenty of discussion:

Also more specifically @shaolincfh had similar issues. Perhaps what he did will work for you.

If you still can’t resolve the issue submit a support ticket to Gearbox.

Thank you BookEmDano. I will look into the information that you have provided.

Yeah, sorry man, but that information didn’t help me. Also I find it extremely odd that you managed to unlock them right away, yet shaolincfh had redownload everything. I tried his method and went on the psn store to download stuff. I downloaded the unlock file and installed it, and then the first two episodes. They would not install because my PS3 informed me that I had a newer version installed. So then I deleted my Tales from the Borderlands installation and re-installed the unlock file first then the two episodes. As a result, my Tales from the Borderlands was in trial mode and I no longer had an Extras option in the Main Menu. So I re-installed the unlock file once more. I now have Extra option again, but I still get the same result as before; the game is asking me to purchase the Season Pass for Tales from the Borderlands. I went into TPS again to check once more and found nothing. I checked my characters, and the Shift machine at Concordia. Nothing at all.

I find it hilarious that the three of us have had different results. It sort of sucks, but it’s still darkly absurd and comical.

this is odd. do you have an unlocks tab? whatd it do when you went in it?

Yes, I have the Unlocks Tab. When I go there, the game asks me to purchase the Season Pass. There’s just two options: “Buy Season Pass” and “No Thank You”. If I select Buy Season Pass, a little loading box pops up reading “Updating Content” and then ends with an error.

just thoughts, but have you tried downloading the season pass directly from PSN Store?

Yes. That’s how I originally purchased it. From the PSN Store. I’ve tried redownloading all of them again. I even went as far as deleting my Tales from the Borderlands install completely, and redownloading the two episodes and the unlock file again. Still nothing. I’m baffled. Still waiting on a response from Telltake Games before I start bothering Gearbox about it.

i got nothing then. i imagine you tried restarting your ps3 and trying so i dunno.

Thanks anyways man.

It also seems that a lot of people are complaining about this issue on the Telltale Games forums, so I’m not the only one.

So, I just started up my game, and they magically appeared, in the SHiFT menu under Extras. I literally turned on my PS3 and started up Borderlands: TPS. Didn’t do anything else. A lot of other people are reporting the same behavior over at the Telltale Games Forum:


No response from Telltale Games Support or even Gearbox Support yet (probably cause it was the weekend).

So, in summary, if you are facing this issue then take the following steps:

Step One: Try redownloading and reinstalling Tales from the Borderlands. This will involve multiple downloads if you have the season pass: The episode files, and a significantly smaller unlock file. Install the unlock file last. This method didn’t work for me, but worked for shaolincfh.

Step Two: If step one fails, then relax. Have a few beers and sandwich. Your rewards will randomly pop up eventually. You can then proceed to be shocked and/or confused and/or aroused and/or all of the above (and be super excited that your rewards finally appeared).

Step Three: Rejoice!