[RESOLVED] Problem with my Borderlands 3 Preorder

Preordered the super deluxe edition on PS4 back on April 4th from borderlands.com. I got a receipt to my email confirming the purchase, I ended up deleting it afterwards (not intentionally).

Looking back on my bank statement today and noticed nothing actually came off my account on April 4th. It’s strange because i bought Borderlands Game of the year edition for PS4 off the PSN store the same day and that is charged on my account. Looked all over the borderlands website where i preordered the game from and can’t see any way to view my orders or anything.

Last thing I want to do is pre order the game again and have two copies come and be charged twice. Any help would be much appreciated.

Went on the 2K store, was searching for a sign in option the whole time to look for my order. Noticed an ‘order lookup’ option in very small text at the bottom xD. On that it shows my order, panic averted, thank you @Tokesy97