[RESOLVED] Supposedly received a Golden Key through SHiFT, yet I don't have one

It’s a weird message, as it cannot be clicked, opened, confirmed, or otherwise interacted with…

And most importantly, it does not give the Golden Key to use in Sanctuary…

See attached screenshot. I’ve accepted the terms (had to open them myself with F2 and read / accepted them).

That screen just shows your recent SHIFT rewards. The SHIFT code button takes you to a screen where you can enter actual codes (which you can also do via the shift website).

After restarting the game, do you see any indication of a key when you either check your inventory (should show on the BAR stats tab), or point at the golden chest in Sanctuary?

If not, you can file a support ticket for it.

There’s no key and never had a key - yet it says that there is one. I’m on Mac, which isn’t supported by Gearbox and they stopped paying Aspyr to support it, so I’m out of luck here.

Just wanted to check that the SHiFT website shows your Steam account as linked?

The SHIFT system has gone through multiple evolutions since it was first released alongside BL2 9 years ago, so it wouldn’t surprise me if the original ‘1 key for signing up’ thing got lost along the way. There is a list of various still-active keys for BL2 on the orcz.com web site. You could try one or two of those just in case it’s only an issue with the account creation key.

Steam is indeed linked with SHiFT. I cannot see the keys for BL2 on the website you suggested. Could you forward me a link to the relevant page?


Scroll down to the table near the bottom.

That worked! Thanks a lot.

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Some of the cosmetic rewards may also still work (although I know the halloween ones don’t)