[RESOLVED] We've already got hackers. Who do I report this to?

EDIT: This is not hacking, this is merely a bug in the game. Vaygr Assault Craft can kill motherships with a kamikaze attack.

I just played a game against a user named khorne8 who can kamikaze three or four wings of assault craft into a mothership and destroy it. Here’s the proof:

Screenshot thread on imgur

So who do I report this to?

This appears to be something that anyone can do without any hacking. Assault craft kamikazing will kill motherships.


Yup, it’s a bug, rather than hacking. ‘Avoid players using Vaygr in multiplayer’ is the current workaround, until something more permanent comes along.


I just tested this out to confirm. Indeed, those pointy Assault Craft tear right through motherships.

sigh Gearbox, you’ve got to be f-ing kidding me.

I know, it’s not good, but we do know they are working on a critical patch.