[Resolved] Yellowcake [not] stealth nerfed - Random CoV reload animations

I noticed this morning when using the yellowcake on my Amara the reload/repair time seemed longer, and it looks like it has been nerfed but only on my Amara, see the differences on the 2 I had in my bank, one is viewed as Amara and the other as Flak, Amara’s repair time is now 6 seconds and Flaks 5.3, they are the exact weapon with that being the only discrepancy

Be nice to get a second opinion on this so we can verify if indeed it has been stealth nerfed


Different damage, shots, time to break and accuracy. They’re just different parts. I’d say based on the damage the first is a lower mayhem level.

They are in sets of 2 as said in the topic, one is viewed as Flak and the other as Amara, the top 2 being the same weapon and bottom 2 the same, it is the exact weapon for both scenarios the only difference being the repair time which is super strange, Amara being the one with the 6s repair time

Oh OK. Are you sending the item through bank to make sure it’s exactly the same? Could just be different parts

Do reload speed buffs affect repair time?

Have you made sure hotfixes were applied in all cases?

The item is in my bank when I view it as Flak its 5.3s and when I load in with Amara and view the exact weapon its 6s

I’m not sure about that i’ll have to look into it, I’m not specced into reload time as my Amara though so I doubt it

That would just confirm that it has been nerfed

lol stealth nerfed , i had 5.3 before hofix and now 6.0s repair time

Weapon is still dumb and nukes whole M10 atm, wouldn’t call that a nerf. Didn’t even notice until OP made the thread

Have you checked class mods or artifacts equipped each character

So I’m not crazy :grin: thanks for the confirmation

I did yeah I’m not specced into any reload, I go all out damage stats

Agree with you on the damage no issue there, its the stealth nerf I have an issue with :wink:

Might not be intended. Didn’t they do the same thing with the Phasezerker COM and reverted it when they realized it was a mistake ?

Let’s hope your thread will have an answer, maybe it’s an honest mistake.

I do recall the phasezerker typo alright, time will tell, cheers for the input

So I can confirm this is happening. But it’s not even restricted to a single character. I have 2 Yellowcakes on my main Amara, one had 5.3s, the other 6.0. After savequitting and reloading, they swapped.

Also have 3 Linoges in the safe, they seem to randomly switch between 3.3s and 3.9s, independent of each other. Has to be some sort of bug, not a nerf.

The plot thickens :joy: yeah that sounds pretty strange alright especially with the linoge’s.

More bugs who woulda thought :man_facepalming:

I might just go back through my bank and see if I can identify anything else

Just logged on to see what was going on. It seems to affect only COV weapons on my part. I really don’t know what’s happening xD but you were right OP something’s weird