[RESOURCE] Cataclysm Classic Audio Chatter

Only the Somtaaw chatter for now, 1300+ files. Enjoy. :slight_smile:

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Nice one… Keep in mind of these 1300 files there are countless duplicates in it. Best to delete the duplicates to clear up on things.

If any of you tend to use the files the only way to determine which audio files belong to which unit is by having Cataclysm run separately and test it unit by unit while implementing the files into your hw:rm scripts.

Unless I uploaded the wrong folder on accident, these are all labeled with the unit name and proximate dialog.

Some of the somtaaw voices do sound the same to me though, so a handful of files may be mislabeled of course.

Oh I didn’t download your pack as I got em DE-compiled on my own computer… How did you manage to unpack the files with the full names and unit descriptions now I’m curious?

When I extracted the data I only and always had files with names such as number 1, 2,3 etc…

I listened to each file and renamed it accordingly.:slight_smile:


Ah just like I did then. Although what i did was disabling the music in Cataclysm and doing it unit by unit and then searching for the specific file. Often it wasn’t even clear to me which audio file belonged to which unit ingame considering they often sounded alike.

Having not looked into this at all, what surprises me is the number of files. I didn’t realise there were that many unit acknowledgements…

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