Resource collector logic

Today I’d like to talk about a seemingly small, but in the long run quite significant thing: resource collector logic.

The latest patch has improved resourcing quite a bit, but there’s still one side to look at, which is docking to the asteroids themselves.
As it stands now, each collector has it’s own asteroid latch point which it keeps going back to (as far as I can see this is the case). This is quite a lazy approach if you ask me, since the collectors will stand idly by while there are free asteroids right beside them since it’s not their “own”. This is visible when there are more collectors working on a patch than there are latch points in said patch.

Fix: greedy algorithm. The idle collector should check every x tick if there is a free asteroid it can latch on to. If a returning collector is aiming for the same latch point at the moment of this check, the one closer to the asteroid (with acceleration and turn time calculated in) should latch on, and the other should go into idle mode, looking for a place to go to.


Yep, made note of that in this post.

I like the idea of greedy algorithm.

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I sometimes micro my collectors , if someone else is doing the scouting. Atleast for the first few minutes.

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