[RESOURCE] HODOR error logs

After many hours of troubleshooting over the last few years, I finally started to compile a record of HODOR errors and their solutions. I hope this is useful to others as well. If anyone finds any more, do post them.

HODOR stops at:

DAE->HOD: Loading xxx.dae

Path to DAE file is wrong in .hodor file

Windows dialogue “HODOR has stopped working” after

Parsing C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Homeworld\GBXTools\HODOR\SHADERS.MAP

Problem with MAT[] or IMG[] definition in DAE file.

  • Did you specify SHD[]?
  • Did you specific FMT[]?
  • Did you put _DIFF in IMG[]?

Windows dialogue “HODOR has stopped working” after

-- Building LMIP[//.....] for Param[$xxx] (widthxheight - DXT1)

Corrupted image file?

No HODOR error but game crashes with this in the log file:

Unknown mesh group type (1) -- FATAL EXIT -- basicmesh/602:! --stack trace--

Problem with HODOR application files

  • delete HODOR and re-subscribe to steam item


DAE->HOD: Unable to locate SHADER.MAP entry for InnateSS - MAT[xxxxx]_SHD[InnateSS] - using generic!

No effect, HODOR successfully generates innate material.

Do nothing!


DAE->HOD: MAT[xxxx]_SHD[yyyy] lacks Diffuse channel, is required for SHADER.MAP processing!

Blender material may be set to “cooktorr” instead of “phong”

DAE->HOD: Generating Animation Channels
WARNING: xxx has more than 6 channels - potential dupe name?

Check for duplicate node names in the DAE


I’ve had a similar message with Goblins or really old hods converted with RODOH that had corruption in them.

Now if I can just figure out my unreset xref warning that produces a perfectly good looking hod in game…

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