Resource injection ship/script?

Is it possible to have a self sustaining fleet that has capital ships that generate resources while fighting.
I wanted to do this to a Taiidan cruiser so they don’t need to harvest resources when they are in battle. Just a thought.

Someone made an “upkeep payment” script for my ally ships. It retracted X number of RU in X amount of time for owning a specific ships that were listed in a file together with their cost.

So I’d say it’s perfectly possible, what you want is the same thing, except in reverse (+RU, not -RU). You can take a look into R.E.A.R.M. files if you want to know how it worked in Classic.

EDIT: wait when they’re fighting? Like a cross between resource injections and bounties?


No, I mean they do not need to collect resources during battles(to construct reinforcements)but they do not get enough to build a fleet this way.

What do you mean no? Do they only get these RU injections during combat or not?
Because if yes, that’s like bounties.

I mean it is enough to sustain a fleet but not build an armada
And I mean it is always on but is not good enough to build 5 heavy cruisers quickly for example; I mean about 1000 a minute

If it’s always on, then my very first comment stands. It’s like that what I had in my old mod, but in reverse (you don’t pay for these ships, they generate the money instead).

But if you don’t need these RU injections to be tied to the capital ships, then the standard RU injections that are already in game will do just fine.

But I’m sure RU generating units exist in whole range of mods. Complex maybe? PtV Progenitors…

Maybe the Multiplayer relic option will reveal the answer.

That sounds good so it could be like bounties but a fixed amount and only when you are attacking enemies.(to avoid attacking friendlies for 10X less damage and gaining resources this way)

RU generating ships are possible, what other answer do you need?

But you told me you meant it to be always on.
The attacking enemies is the tricky part, I have no idea how to make the game recognize whether you’re in combat or not. I don’t know scripting, but to me that sounds pretty impossible or at least very hard to even define what “being in combat” actually mean.

Actually, the only thing I need is where In the mod the RU payment script is…

…And then reverse the script so you gain resources instead like you said.

In R.E.A.R.M. that would be in the leveldata folder.

And again, PtV mod for instance would have an actual RU generating script for their Progenitor power nodes (or whatever was that called).

Then again codeRed knows when the ship is in combat, so who knows.