Resource points growth between missions?

So I’ve started the HW1R campaign, and from what I’ve read resources are supposed to be extremely rare and difficult to manage. Once I finished the 2nd or 3rd mission, I noticed I started with 25,000 resource points. Seems like a lot more than I mined with my two collectors, but ok… I built a massive fleet and smashed the enemy, spending 15-20k in the process. Hyperspace to the next mission and check my res… 500,000 points!!!

Has anyone experienced this? It makes the game wayyyy too easy and I don’t want to even play with this happening.

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Yea I notieced this as well.

They’ve taken the auto harvest feature from HW2 and brought it to the HW1 campaign. However, I’m pretty sure there aren’t 25,000 RUs on mission 2…

A lol moment to be sure.

Hey folks, thanks for the info here. Passed along to our team:

It almost seems like instead of fixing the auto collection of what is out there, a band-aid fix was applied in the form of a multiplier or something. That would really make me rofl if I saw that many resources. hehehe LOTTERY WINNER HA

And it seems it was really really bad that they already patched it and fixed it. My quest now is tho, does that mean the original fix for resourcing was simply reversed(still broken like vanilla), or is it still fixed?