Resources in campaign and dynamic scaling

First, I’d like to say the new patch is phenomenal. Kudos to the Gearbox team. Multiplayer is infinitely more enjoyable now and there are so many more strategies. And apparently the campaign has had a lot of bugfixes as well, but there are two major issues that need addressing.

1 Resources: With the addition of auto collect and debris left by ships, those playing the Homeworld 1 campaign will find themselves with far more resources than they would have in the original game. This is a huge problem because it removes a lot of the difficulty and atmosphere from the game. No longer are you concerned with preserving your ships, using the best strategy in order to survive, now you can just throw your ships at the enemy without a damn because you can rebuild your fleet several times over if they all die. The amount of resources in the campaign needs to be adjusted such that the player will still have to think carefully about their ship choices and use their forces smartly.

2 Dynamic scaling too high: Apparently the game still uses scaling to the degree Homeworld 2 did. While the original did have scaling, this presents problems in that no matter how poorly the player does or how well they do, the game will auto adjust. No longer will each mission be an obstacle to overcome, but simply a few enemy ships adjusted to the size of your fleet. This needs to be reduced to be more in line with the original game.

3: Bonus? I’m not familiar with how the scaling code works, but after adjusting it to Homeworld 1 levels, perhaps there could be options added for different difficulties which would plug different values into the dynamic scaling. Say Hard could increase enemy fleet size by 20% and normal would keep it like the original. Also Homeworld 2RM should probably be changed in a similar manner since it’s gameplay is now closer to HW1.

Evidence is coming from here:

I have not played the campaign in the new version yet, so if anyone has had a different experience please let me know. I don’t want to play the campaign if the scaling and resourcing is how the above comment makes it appear to be, and if it is so, then I would still urge friends to play the classic version of the campaign.

I really don’t mean to come off as rude, I’m really loving this patch. This is just one issue that I think needs to be addressed.

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You’re right on about there being too many resources and difficulty scaling being too unlimited. Not that either of these issues are related to the recent patch, as they’ve existed since day 1. The amount of resources in each level definitely needed to be higher than in HW1C due to the higher cost of ships in Remastered, but it was upped far beyond what could be considered balanced. By the end of the campaign I end up with tens of thousands of RUs stockpiled, even after maxing out my fleet. In the original game, every RU was precious, and ship management was more important.

I have to say that I am a little disappointed that the scaler in HW1’s campaign wasn’t toned back somewhat. I don’t think it really needs much explanation that spawning tons of frigates early on (ie 8+ in Mission 03) is not exactly immersive, given the story line of Homeworld 1.