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Borderlands 2 Skill Calculator: Mechromancer by Cloudflare + kugumi
The go-to website for anyone and everyone who wants to visually see their planned build for themselves!

[DDD] Gaige’s skills for you! by pokapoka (ported by Poisd2Strike)
Part of the Dear Doctor Dumbass series by Blutfatal, this particular guide covers all of Gaige’s skills in detail, including reasons why you should or shouldn’t take it. Definitely worth a look if you’re starting out!

Gaiges General and Skill Tree Deficiencies by 0verload
Even the most flawless of Anarchy users are actually, well, a tad flawed. This highlights Gaige’s problems in UVHM, with possible solutions that Gearbox could apply without making her OP.

List of Mechromancer/Deathtrap Bugs and A.I Problems by 0verload
A thread that does exactly what it says in the title. A read of this is recommended, because knowing what unintentional issues there are with Gaige’s skills, including the action skill itself, could prove important when actually playing the game.


For people loving DeathTrap by nfwp
To quote the first reply in the thread, this is an “awesome showcase of DTs power at OP8”. If you want the best out of your action skill, backed up with videos, this really should be your first port-of-call.

Shrimpling’s Interspersed Outburst and Manic Technophile Builds by VaultHunter101
Created back when IO was more dismissed than accepted, Shrimpling did an excellent job of bringing attention to one of Gaige’s more underrated skills. Now thanks to VaultHunter101 this information includes new and improved builds.

Slag, Wind and Fire by draug
Discard Electrical Burn at your peril! In the thread you’ll find the maths and a build to bring out EB’s true potential, while elsewhere there are a couple of videos, again by the same guy, to provide backup.

The Secretest Secrets of The Nth Degree by 0verload
Another excellent guide by “Dr. Gaige”. This one in particular goes into fantastic detail about The Nth Degree and is full of useful information, damage formulas, videos, screenshots etc.

Understanding- Smaller Lighter Faster and the effects of Reload by MAIXX74ps3 (ported by Gulfwulf)
There’s way more to this skill than having to take it to progress down the Ordered Chaos tree. Comes complete with the workings, results from using different weapons, and in the past was updated with a variety of different findings.



Gaige’s Completely Empirical Mod Guide by teks (ported by Gulfwulf)
“All I do is steal data and rewrite it”, quotes the original OP. Consider it rewrote in a matter that’s unique, entertaining and gives the only lowdown you’ll need when it comes to the attachable lunchboxes. That and this bomb-ass post neff_wp constructed.

[Guide] Top Gear for Gaige, revamped by Wingsday
Previously owned by Kalibur on the old forums, then jianderson upon transfer; want to know the gear that shines with Gaige in the higher levels, from the weapons to the relics and everything in-between? Then check this place out. It’s by the community, FOR the community and all suggestions and discussions are welcome no matter what.

Mechromancer Skin/Head Info and Screen Shots by Mirrorada
WARNING: THE LOAD TIME MAY TAKE A WHILE ON OLDER CONNECTIONS. A visual of every head and skin you can find to customise your bombastic punky eighteen-year-old anarchist.


Best guns for Gaige? you cant miss the CHOPPER !! by Haley Rink

Loot Turtle’s Mythbusting Fibber Guides by VaultHunter101

The Pimpernel Guide for Mechromancers by pokapoka

Twisters twisted Twister guide by itsTwister
Containing reasons why a shock Gaige should always have one to hand, as well as a build to bring out the true effectiveness of this powerful shotgun.


50 ways to keep Gaige alive in UVHM by Giuvito

Bahroo’s Raid Guide for the Poorly Geared - Gaige Edition by Bahroo
Only the first four released raids are covered, due to the last edit being in December 2012. Regardless, the information and sheer time that was taken here are plain to see and should be seen by those who reckon they are rubbish at raiding.

Black Hole Mechromancer and Twinclaws by Bake
THIS WILL TAKE YOU TO A GOOGLE DOCUMENT. A pair of very versatile, very entertaining builds.

Consolidated List of Guides to Raiding per Mode by pokapoka

Episode 2 :why cannot Gaige use tediore reloads by Haley Rink
How to gain Anarchy quickly and effectively, without resorting to the usual. Better known as “don’t knock Tediore until you’ve tried it”.

Gaige Leveling Guide ~ Normal Mode by pokapoka
THIS WILL TAKE YOU TO A YOUTUBE VIDEO. Said video is nearly seventeen minutes long, however it’s certainly worth watching if you’re struggling on a way to level up Gaige from the beginning. Informative and detailed.

Gaige vs Son of Crawmerax; FIGHT! by itsTwister

Mechromancer Master List: Build Collection by Gulfwulf

The New & Improved Perfect Waifu by pokapoka

The Shocking B!tch by Cyk0tron (ported by VaultHunter101)
Still considered one of the best LBT builds by a few, this thread suffered with a lack of updates after the level 61 cap. Ignore that factor, mind, as beyond the link still contains brilliant info, including a decent leveling guide which any shock Gaige could follow to this day.


Deathtrap and his many parts: Guide to DT Skin changes. by Vech24
The death-dealing, shield-sharing, Rakk-zapping, hurpa-durping robot deserves some cosmetics too, you know!


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Cool beans! This sounds a lot easier than I assumed, so I’ll definitely get cracking on adding what threads we have on the weekend. I have been told by JoeK that the old forums will definitely become read-only in time, which means I can add everything else that is important.

Thanks for what you have shown me so far! I always appreciate things like this, and I’ll be sure to pester you if I need further help.

Anytime. Just remember links to the old forum should start with oldforum and any here should just be forum. Otherwise they won’t work.

Update: Now that I have a bit of that rare thing called free time, I’m going to try my best to get this looking like the former thread. Keep an eye on this over the next two days.

I would add Giu’s 50 ways to keep Gaige Alive thread in the Gameplay section.

Definitely! Once I get to the gameplay section I’ll be adding that for sure.

This coding is stupidly easy to understand once you get the hang of it. I actually feel a little daft having some reservations about it before!

So, uh, how’s this coming by the way?

Yeah, I completely flung this to one side, didn’t I? I don’t like throwing around excuses constantly, but my upcoming redundancy has made what I do offline take priority for the time being. I will cram in what I can though, because it bothers me when I’m disorganised.

Double posting because I am the epitome of scandalous.

All the threads that were on the resources thread on the old forums have now been transferred over, save for one in misc as not being able to post there anymore makes it redundant. If in the future there are new topics that you think should be linked here without a shadow of a doubt, then either reply here or send me a message. Alternatively, or if you’re reading this and you’re not a member of these forums, I can be contacted on Twitter.

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I’m getting a weirdo error page (Pywb Error No handler for “/showthread.php?t=367875”.) from the following links up top (the thread number in the code string changes w/each link, as it should)…

  • [DDD] Gaige’s skills for you!
  • Gaiges General and Skill Tree Deficiencies
  • For people loving DeathTrap
  • Slag, Wing and Fire
  • Understanding- Smaller Lighter Faster and the effects of Reload
  • Well, how did this happen Gearbox?

…I didn’t check anything after those, due to dinner being ready.

Am I the only one who has this problem?

You’re most certainly not! All threads that link back to the old forums presents the error, which is a real issue considering that’s a vast majority of the resources! I can’t even go back to the original thread because of that same reason.

If there’s anybody who knows what I can do to resolve this issue, I’d appreciate it. In the meantime I’ll try a few things myself and hope for the best. With luck it’ll sort itself out.

Chuck said on another Resources thread that the links to the old forum are broken again, so it’s a known problem.

Alright. Thank you letting me know; fingers crossed there’s a solution soon.

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No problem.

@Vycksta: I’m going to be redoing the Gaige build list soon, but here’s the fixed link:

Nice one! What’s more, from that I should be able to relink all the old threads and make them accessible again! I’ve just tested the waters with Poka’s DDD thread, so I’m hopeful.

You are awesome and should feel awesome. And be sure to let me know when you do the new build list so I can change it.

EDIT: Thread is now updated with the new links; you have to scroll down a little bit first, past all the archive rubbish. There are some threads however, for example Shrimpling’s Interspersed Outburst thread of win, that I couldn’t access for one reason or another; an error came up no matter what I did. If anybody knows a workaround, please holler; I really don’t want to remove them from the resources if I can.

Aw, you’re just saying that. :dukecheese: It may be tomorrow before I do because I’ll be pretty busy this afternoon. I’ll let you know when I do get it ported over though. I saw I_gabrielcruz’s build and figured we needed the build list ported over as well.

There a bug-or-something with any of the old forum pages…only pg 1 will load; clicking either the pg number or the ‘next’ to go to pg 2 or beyond tosses up a ‘URL not found’ error.

  • EDIT - the Interspersed Outburst link is dead as well.