Resources of the Mechromancer Variety

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I’ve ported the first part of Loot Turtle’s Fibber guide, and I’ll add the remaining info later. After some thought, I’ve put it in the Loot & Weapons category, since it seems to fit better there.

Here’s the thread:

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Nice work! I’ll be sure to add that to the OP at some point tomorrow, when I’m on a day off.

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Got around to changing the URL for the Top Gear thread. Productivity!

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Could we get the Twister’s Twisted Twister link update to the forum post I made since current link to old forums lead to a deadlink? I managed to find a working link for the guide and ported it to new forums. Link here

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I am not so sure that is a good idea, since itsTwister never gave permission to have his original thread ported over (from the Old Forum) and has explicitly indicated he does not want that to happen. Since the ported thread has been closed, at this point it would be best for someone to make a new guide.

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Wasnt it pinned?

Edit: this topic should also be added

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There was a change to discourse a while back that would lapse pinning once read. You can, however, manually pin AND unpin any thread in a category list. Just click on the pin icon beside the title. (You can only do this in the category list of threads, not once you’re viewing the thread itself.)

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Working links via Internet Archive. Some links inside the archived threads may or may not work. Just let me know which ones and I’ll see if I can fix them. I may need to make a completely new thread for ease of access.

Slag, Wind and Fire

Mechromancer Skin/Head Info and Screen Shots - takes a minute to load due to images

Best guns for Gaige? you cant miss the CHOPPER !!

The Pimpernel Guide for Mechromancers - the flash videos don’t work for me

Twister’s Twisted Twister Guide

Bahroo’s Raid Guide for the Poorly Geared - Gaige Edition

Consolidated List of Guides to Raiding per Mode

Episode 2 :why cannot Gaige use tediore reloads

Gaige vs Son of Crawmerax; FIGHT!

The New & Improved Perfect Waifu

Deathtrap and his many parts: Guide to DT Skin changes.