Respawn Point Camping Issue

I’ve noticed that during Face Off and Capture games held on the two winter maps (I forget their names, I think it’s Temples and Snowblind), it’s possible for a team to camp right outside of the respawn point and completely bottle up the other team. This arises from the fact that both exit points are visible from the same place. It’s made worse by the fact that one of the two exits in each mode is a Varelsi spawn point as well.

It doesn’t happen every game, but when it does it makes for an extremely NPE game. It doesn’t seem like it would be too complex to simply push the shield back a little further (in particular on Snowblind) so the other team can’t sit right outside of the exit and shoot you on your way down to the ground, or to make it so the incoming BB start at ground level, instead of having a 1-2 second fall before they can melee.

“Snowblind” ninja-edit :heart:

Never encountert spawncamping in Capture yet, but I think it is possible on any map and mode.
But luckily such evil teams/teams with no regards for sportsmanship that do spawncamping are rare in my experiences. (XB1 here)

(when I remember right Echelon and Overgrowth spawncamping was a thing at Beta & short after launch, but have´nt heard anything on this matter for months now)

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ive seen it a few times in capture. mainly kleeses backed up by a heavy hitter.

there are multiple exits on most maps tho which I found helps.

Thanks for the edit. I went back and fixed the other incorrect map name two paragraphs down. :blush:

It happens (sort-of) in Incursion, but since there’s so much going on at the entry, it’s not an issue. It never happens in Meltdown, because all of the maps have three entries, which are not visible from each other’s shields. It may not be a big deal in the grand scheme, but if it keeps people from choosing those modes and maps it adds into the “Incursion or Bust” issue.

It happens all my games played on capture except two ended up this way on every map. Once you have the lead with levels they might as well not even play.

Seconded; I see this happen a lot in my Capture games. I usually just end up camping a point instead.

I’ve never seen it in Faceoff, but I don’t care about other players enough to even attempt it in that mode.

Yup. That’s why I never play capture against a premade team.

This is why I don’t play capture or faceoff. It’s almost non existent in Incursion


On topic: To add to the choir I see this in nearly every game, I get that’s capture (Face-Off not as much, as there’s plenty to keep the adhd-minded busy)

I’ve been part of plenty of teams guilty of it too. Once you get a lead in that game, have everything built, the varelsi on timers and all the capture points…what do you do?

I like others, tend to imagine myself as some form of raid boss (especially fun when I’m a Miko or the sort) and just root myself on a point.

As fun as that sounds, it really just means I’ve gone afk, since no one comes to contest it… (seeing as my less self-controlled peers would rather nuke dudes 4 levels beneath them)


Negative Play Experience. Apparently not a term that carries over from the CCG to the online gaming community…

Thanks for your honesty. I also tend to camp out on a capture point when my team is way up, or hunt Varelsi, just to farm levels. Last night I found myself part of a team in Face-off where most of the action took place at their spawn gate, but that was in the desert temples map, so the battling was by their choice. Not sure I’ve ever been on a PUG that was good enough to camp the spawn point, but I’ve actually seen teams leave one or two capture points neutral, just to drag the game out for kill-farming. At that point, all you can do is hope your team votes surrender.

Ah, the acronym was unfamiliar, but I know those words well.

Thanks for the clarification.

I’m not one to normally complain, but just had a group vote for Face-Off, all rank 50+. My team had myself, another 100 and three 10- command rank players.

One dropped start of match so it was 4v5. It became quickly obvious that they were going to win, and sat at enough masks to win until we surrendered, purposely waiting for the super Varelsi just so they could hunt us down.

…how do people find that fun?

And how do they expect people to want to stay in the game and grow the community when they do ■■■■ like that?
It was a shut out from the gate, and they merely dragged it on.

And for some reason, even though three of us just sat in the spawn area, my own team wouldn’t just surrender.

A lot of people who do that like to stat boost and/or work on the grind to Angel of Death