So when in the name of Jack are we getting the respawning boss update?

It’s coming Soon™

This sunday (8/3) GBX will be doing a live event in Pax East (It is on PAX twitch channel for streaming too) maybe they will announce something there.


Awesome, didnt know they were going to be at pax east. Thanks for the info ill be watching

I wouldn’t get my hopes up too much. The silence from Gearbox about this game is deafening.

They’re working on it AND there was no update in February, so I think we’ll get that fix soon. Ans silence almost always means something is coming.

Well something is happening. Thanks to Steam bumbling up the cheevos page, we were privy to being alerted to future content. My TPS cheevo page still says “50 of 63 (79%) Achievements Earned”.

They confirmed its coming though. So theres no reason not to get your hopes up. Its just a matter of when

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The cheevos are for the Claptastic voyage dlc out march 24