Respawnable Boss oddness

First let me say that I’m thrilled that they finally made the non-respawnable bosses respawnable, and that this isn’t a complaint thread. I noticed that my Borderlands: TPS game suddenly updated today, and after reading the patch notes, I loaded up my character to find, to my joy, that the listed bosses do indeed respawn, so well done!

However, I couldn’t help but notice the wording of the patch notes:

“The following bosses will now respawn when a player exits and re-enters a map:”

I thought that must be a typo, so I checked ingame. It is not a typo: if, after you kill a boss, you hit a fast-travel or travel gate and come back, the boss will have respawned. That’s kind of awesome, right? No more exiting to menu to farm bosses.

However, I tested this with a boss that already respawned on save-quit, namely X-STLK. I discovered that while the bosses listed in the patch notes exhibit this new behavior, bosses that already respawned do not do so when the player leaves a map and returns. Is this a bug or intentional?

I thought x-stlk was kinda on a timer. Even before I had him not respawn after exiting and re-entering right away. Perhaps I am le crazy tho…

That’s my guess. That maybe you have to play long enough for all the dudes to respawn in that area. Or just save and quit.

I don’t think they touched the pre-spawning bosses.

So they’ll behave as they always have.

But I agree, respawn on map re-enter is MUCH better for farming, especially with multiplayer.

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I hope they go back and make iwajira respawn too without having to wait or save and quit. Iwajira is already a hassle to farm in multiplayer. It also would be nice if they removed the requirement to have everyone be present when he spawns.