Respawning bosses? How?

Hi Guys,

So I see people farming these main story bosses… but it seems I can’t get them to respawn, even when I quit en re enter te game… any ideas?



I haven’t tried this yet - but I saw one video where the guy said you have to quit all the way out, not just out to the menu.

If that works, let me know!


Thanks for responding, though this doesn’t work … hmmm wondering how people do this.

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Have you completed and turned the quest in?

I’ve got the same issue, I’ve restarted the game, handed in the quest, restarted the game again, still can’t refarm megamind or any of the other bosses :confused: I’ve also tried changing the loot mode from solo to shared. >.<

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Same… And yeah handed in the mission. Strange

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not all bosses respawn, megamind for example doesnt respawn mouthpiece either try killvolt in lectra city for example he will respawn and you can farm him for a legendary weapon

You might be right about Gigamind as I haven’t tried to farm him. However Mouthpiece can be farmed. You just can’t do so right a way. First you must do the sidequest from Ellie that asks you to stop the Mouthpiece auditions. Then the sidequest version (which is pretty much the same glocatione same location) is farmable.

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Giga can be farmed, you just have to complete the quest line (basically like every other boss farm). The only mobs who don’t have a 100% spawn rate are some of the hunting thingy and others like the mob that drops the Hive.

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you’ll have to complete the whole quest that ties said boss for it to respawn.

Either that, or try disabling a bunch of the streamer setting under ‘Social’ in the ‘Options’ tab.

Most of the bosses iv seen or have tried are also story mission tied so if you beat a boss on a specific mission he WILL NOT SPAWN untill you have turned in the mission that lead you to kill him.I have tested this out and this for sure seems to be what triggers the respawn just make sure you turn in the quest that makes you get to him in the first place.

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I think its just random. I’m in post game and every boss I’ve fought so far has only spawned once today. So maybe its time locked?

maybe mouthpiece will respawn after you finished the next mouthpiece side mission? maybe, not sure though since i never farmed mouthpiece.

In order to get a boss to respawn (if you have already finished and turned in the quests attatched to them) after you have killed them, you gather the loot you want. Then you simply quit back to the title screen. Then load back into that character. That is why they made it so you always load backactivatede last revive (newu) station that you activated.

So you simply kill boss, gather loot, quit, reload in right before boss. Rinse and repeat.

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Based on my farming experience with Mouthpiece that seems to be the case. As he is tied to a sidequest I have not been able to farm him in a playthrough until I have done the sidequest to find the next Mouthpiece.

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