Respec glitches? Bore still active after respec? What other glitches are there?

What are the known respeccing glitches?

For instance, today in a re-playthrough of Zero, I specced out of melee and into bore. I beat the bunker and then re-specced back to melee tree. But then I noticed that bore’s penetration effect was still occuring. I can hear it. I’ll double check later and also check on whether the visual effect is there.

What other known respec glitches are there? Do many of the skills linger after respeccing? I recall there being a glitch with Axton.

I’d like to know about these mostly so I know if I need to worry about saving and quitting after respecs or not.

The only one I know of is when you respec with a class mod equipped that boosts certain skills, the class mod doesn’t boost the skills it should unless you unequip and re-equip it. For example: if I am specced into Axton’s Impact and have a class mod equipped that boosts that skill by +5, and then I respec and spec into Impact again, I won’t get that +5 in Impact unless I unequip and re-equip the class mod. Interestingly enough, this didn’t happen in Borderlands 1.

Also, the forum keeps changing respec into respect when I type. STOP IT DAMMIT!

The forum or your phone? Not getting auto-incorrect on my desktop…

I’m on my laptop. Just typed respec again and it changed it to respect again. However if I type it a second time, it leaves it as respec.

the rising shot glitch

Odd. Maybe it’s a setting in your browser rather than a discourse thing? Respec respects the respec - nope, not happening in FF here…

What is this glitch?

I’d recommend looking it up on YouTube, but it essentially lets you stack up to 999 stacks of rising shot without it going away. You destroy everything

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