Respeccing guardian rank

Anyone think that Gearbox could allow players to respec guardian rank at the cost of eridium or something similar? I’ve made mistakes in spending what tokens I have, and I’d rather not start the entire game over for fear of losing event content, like the cosmetics or anointed terror items from Bloody Harvest. (Otherwise, losing progress doesn’t bother me.)

Or that if there IS a way to respec guardian rank, please let me know.

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There is no way to respec Guardian Rank, but they don’t work the way you think. They are not specific to your character. All of the Guardian Rank things you’re unlocking now apply to all characters, even new ones that you just start. So your level 1 character will have all of these same bonuses and same perks unlocked.

And you don’t have to worry about losing content. There’s hundreds of Guardian Rank levels, more than enough to unlock all of the perks.

What guardian tokens I’ve already spent are irretrievable, and I’d like to adjust what I already have. After that, I’m aware that the guardian ranks are true for every character. But that there’s no way to turn these bonuses off like in borderlands 2 or the pre-sequel.

I don’t agree with how permanent the bonuses are. If it were more than just a game, moustangman… I’d be hurt. :confused:

If i was you id just roll with it and keep getting XP to gather more points and just max it all. I initially went down the wrong tree to 75 wishing I had done another tree. But once i started rolling M4 and what not, I quickly filled in the other tree. Its not that hard to max a tree or 2. When I say max, I mean to 75. After that diminishing returns really start kicking in and points dont make nearly the impact as it did at the lower levels.

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Yea, you’re probably right. I’m just being picky and overthinking it. Still, I’d like for there to be an off switch to better test equipment and/or skills when creating a build. Those bonuses would provide inaccuracies.

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Well, you’re not alone there.

They should totally diablo the guardian ranks imo :grin:

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I think there might have been some confirmation on an off switch being developed, but I’m not sure.

Yeah the DLC badass from Gearbox pretty much confirmed in the last Borderlands show that they’re working on giving the option to turn off guardian ranks. He didn’t go into specifics though, I really hope we’ll be able to disable the rewards individually.

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Disabling individual perks is a must. Unless they have fixed it, there is one perk (explode on kill or something) that can damage the player.

And I really don’t like that I have access to those perks with a brand new character, but I know I am in the minority with that part.

I won’t be surprised if they add more GR perks in the future too, maybe when they increase the level cap, but if they do, I hope there’s some sort of reasonable limit to the number of perks we can have. Having four characters all with the same skills just feels like it goes against the role playing elements.

Limited GR perks builds into that as that would be beneficial to some builds, but would ruin others.

Yeah before a couple of updates ago, it was as simple as removing your Bank file (profile.sav). But now it’s pretty much a cluster-feck with it now being saved in both your character & bank file. Guess I’ll wait until I can disable it before I try my hand at a melee Amara

That is HollowPoint and that’s not broken. It’s supposed to work like that. They did change it so it would stop killing your pets and teammates, but like grenades and RPGs you can still hurt yourself with the splash damage.

That makes me want to invest in Personal Space(Amara)