Respect players plz

Hi Gearbox,

I would like to say that I really hate when we don’t have news about a new BIA game. It would be nice if you respect us, because now we are waiting for what? We know nothing about a futur BIA…

It could be nice to have an official post saying if it’s a project, is currently in development or will never happen. Now we are waiting for something that will or will not exist.

Thank you very much

It’s not a matter of Gearbox not having respect for BiA’s fanbase.

You have to have something to announce, something to show. They could very well be working on the next entry in the series, but that doesn’t mean they are ready to announce it.
Wouldn’t it be more of a slap in the face to have the game announced, only to see it’s release pushed back time and time again simply because it was announced too early?

When GBX are ready, when the next entry in the series is ready… they’ll let us know.
Until then, it’s a matter of being patient.

Yeah you are right, but we are waiting for years! :disappointed:

I really hope they will announce something this year.

Oh trust me, I’m right there with you.
Hell’s Highway is my favorite WWII shooter, and I’ve been hoping each and every E3 or PAX for some announcement of the next BiA game.

Alien Colonial Marines

Just saying

A:CM has no bearing here.

All the BiA games have been fantastic. There’s no reason to believe that GBX would bring in a third party studio to handle the next BiA game. None at all.

well, in fairness it does have bearing in that it was announced WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY too soon. With ZERO of what was promo’d making it to the game. 6+ years of work should have born better fruit. So hyping another BiA game that may be years away is just shooting themselves in the face again.

As for 3rd party hand-off, why are you so sure they wouldn’t? Their “flagship” IP has been outsourced twice in the past year or so. Aliens got outsourced (to debatable levels). They could totally pawn BiA off to someone.

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@307 That’s a nice easy username to reply to. :slight_smile:

I have to agree with @Damien_Azreal. South Park: The Stick of Truth was pushed back multiple times before finally released and that SUCKED!

P.S, I’m from the Borderlands side of the forums, So I will just let myself out…
opens door slowly
slams it closed

Easy to remember. Any more characters and I have to write it down to remember it

Yes, Borderlands The Pre-Sequel was outsourced, but only because Gearbox weren’t ready to take on the next main installment. Borderlands 3.
And, outsourced twice? If you’re referring to the DLC… the fourth DLC pack for the first BL game was outsourced, they’ve done that with DLC since the beginning.

I could see Furious Four possibly getting some outside development. But, the next major installment in Sgt. Baker’s story… I don’t see that happening. BiA was GBX’s first original IP. The next major installment in the series will be a Gearbox handled title. I’d bet on it.

@Darth_Sekra I have to disagree. South Park: The Stick of Truth is awesome. Absolutely love it.
If anything, South Park holds points for proving licensed games and games that are delayed a lot can deliver. :slight_smile:

@Damien_Azreal You miss understand! I LOVE it! The game is amazing. What I meant was that it sucked it took so long to come out.

Okay… that definitely makes more sense. :slight_smile: Sorry 'bout that.

No it’s fine I could have worded it better :neutral_face:

Tales from the borderlands is a telltale games…uhh…game. Yes its not a “true” borderlands game, but it wasn’t made by gearbox nevertheless.
Technically, gearbox hasn’t made a game since A:CM (again, “made” is debatable). I’ve often wondered if all this “outsourcing” wasn’t some financial move to protect assets in a SEGA vs Gearbox lawsuit. since the water cooler story is SEGA paid for borderlands with A:CM money, if proven, would that entitle SEGA to Borderlands earnings? I have ZERO clue as 1) believe it or not, I’m not a lawyer. 2) that whole theory is “tin foil hat” conspiracy thinking whooy.

I forgot about “Tales from the Borderlands” actually.

But, GBX hasn’t released a new game because they are currently working on Battleborn, Homeworld and another yet unannounced project.
They can’t release a new game each and every year, there’s going to be short stretches where nothing is released as they have to have time to develop the games. :wink:

As for the “They took money from SEGA and used on Borderlands 2”… that has always been an unsubstantiated internet rumor. One that never made any sense, and never had any solid footing.
It was started by people letdown in A:CM… and started comparing it to GBX’s last release which was BL2. And the quality difference between the two is staggering.

2K put so much money into Borderlands 2 there’s no believable reason that GBX would need to take money from A:CM’s development. You are right, it’s “tin fool hat” level of internet idiocy. :slight_smile:

Fun Fact: Gearbox outsource BiA:HH to a 3rd part developer to create the multiplayer. It’s safe to say that the multiplayer in HH was NOT a community favourite.

So tell us why exactly they wouldn’t outsource bia again?

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Let us not forget that Randy himself has stated on more than one occasion that they do plan to finish Baker’s story. I’ll take him on his word on that.


You say they outsourced the MP… which I have zero interest in and have never touched.
For me, the BiA series is single player only. That’s where my interest lies… that’s all I care about.

When I say Gearbox will develop the next BiA in house, I’m saying they will develop the single player campaign in house.

But, for future clarification… whenever I talk about any game… it’s single player. I don’t play MP in anything. Ever. :slight_smile:

So, they announced a new borderland?

I have 0 interest in borderland and I hate that they only make this game every year. We need a new BIA!!!