Rest in Peace Mellka

Who wants to say a few words about the dearly departed?


Mellka, you were annoying beyond all belief in the right hands but you did not deserve this
May you find peace next to El Dragon


I’m hoping this is a ploy where she jumps off the ledge only to claw lunge back


~Posted as a eulogy, awaiting resurrection of the flesh~

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She lived, she died, she will live again; shiny and chrome.



I wish I had played with you some more, I should have put all my time into you. We met one month ago, and now love takes its toll. Goodbye, I will be with you till the end. :cry:

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I do not play as Mel at all but in the past with the other patches like removed Ghalt’s stun effect with the trap to slow I’ve learned to cope with that and some other changes. I have played as El Dragón when he was nerfed badly before the buffed him up little and I did fine cause I learned to cope with it. So the rest of you could try to work with the changes instead of complaining about them but that is just my opinion.

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I’m wondering how these changes are going to affect new players who have to complete the prologue as Mellka in order to unlock the rest of the game? I will have to give it a try tonight once the update is downloaded.

Datamined from the next update: “Mellka’s Claw Lunge has been found to be too effective. Now when Mellka activates Claw Lunge, the enemy will be poked repeatedly by soft cushions. Keeping in line with the rest of her kit, when Mellka Places a Spike, parting gift will now place the target in the comfy chair!”


remove the stun and ghalt still has pretty much the highest dps in the game. nerf acid into the ground, you nerf about 5 of Mellka’s helix choices that use the acid, essentially nerfing the only skills that have any use to begin with. Acid does less damage then base regen now.


Umm, Have you ever tried to see how Mellka plays? She has a Specific build down to the last helix, and Venom was a huge part of her kit. It DIDN’T NEED TO BE USELESS. Oh, and she also NEVER WAS TOP TEIR. NEVER. BARELY PLAYED BY ANYONE, Now only used for lore.

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Didn’t think about regen. Sh*t. Well, Mellka has just gotten destroyed. Why play her when you can play the BUFFED Cladarius, Right?

This is sad, however I am glad they increased her alt melee, hopefully it will be enough…

And misses completly, since next hot fix MIGHT remove Air stall too. They obviously don’t know whats the best kit peices, so yeah.

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That is the conclusion I have reached. You can’t expect to people to adapt readily, just hope they will

Nah, that’ll always be safe

Don’t say it, I thought Venom would be safe-ish with having a min if 12 dpt(damage per tick) and look where we are now?

(I’m lying to myself. Let me enjoy my delusions) :grinning: alls good :+1:

You adapted because Ghalt got buffed to the highest base DPS in the game, not because you’re some crafty player who, when life gives you lemons, makes badass juice.

So in other news, I’ll have a Melee Mellka guide up the moment I become lucid again. It may or may not be slightly cynical.


I recommend

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All I can say is no more Mellka shield strip for me. I’ll work with that as an indirect buff.

I am so very sorry for all your losses. Or something that normal people say when they want to express sympathy for another’s grief (I honestly don’t know how to do this, usually retreating away from grieving or emotionally strained people and running or saying something stupid).

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