Rest In Peace Tom Petty

What a bummer. Just heard on the radio that Tom Petty was taken off life support due to no brain activity. He had a cardiac arrest apparently. :cry:

I grew up listening to Mr. Petty. Great memories of swimming in my cousins pool during the Summer months and my Aunt having sun tea on the back yard wall, just baking in the sun while Tom Petty was cranked and the speakers were redirected towards the backyard so we call could here. Good times. I’ll be listening to Mr. Petty today.


Another legend gone. He was a regular on the radio when I was growing up. I have a lot of memories that go along with his music.

RIP Tom Petty.


I saw this on my twitter through the shootings today. I think Stephen King said it best.

“Tom Petty gone? That’s just so wrong. What a bad day this has been, in so many ways.”


I agree. I felt bad posting about the loss of Tom Petty and not mentioning the tragedies in Las Vegas. Sad day indeed. :cry:

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I mean you shouldn’t feel too bad. You made this thread to honor Mr. Petty. Another thread could be for the Vegas shootings. It’s just unfortunate timing that both happened on the same day. Like the Chris Cornell thread from a few months back is it’s own thing, and that’s fine.