Restart Side Missions

Is there any way to abort and restart a side mission. I have now two side missions in wich I cannot progress any further because they won’t trigger events at certain points to move on. I tried everything from fast travel to die and come back but nothing changed they still stuck. So a chance to abort them and restart would be nice… Anyone has an idea?! I’m playing on a PS4 btw

The only thing you can do is reset your playthrough. You’d have to start from the beginning again. I don’t know if you can reset your normal mode playthrough though…

Ya that’s what I thought. When I’m going to enter Mayhem 1, do I have to do the side missions again or can I do them again. Otherwise I need to start a new Char for the trophy. I was doing this anyways but not before I have the gear I want to for Fl4k, it’s a bit annoying :expressionless:

The only thing mayhem requires is for you to have finished the first playthrough. Once you get to Sanctuary 3 in TVHM, you can re-enable it. But, if you want the trophies, you’d either have to wait for a bug fix or reset the playthrough.

Ok, thx, I guess I have to wait then.


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You can reset ALL missions in TVHM (True Vault Hunter Mode) but honestly, quitting to main menu should reset any stuck portions of quests. If not, file a support ticket so it can be fixed.

You can’t Enable mayhem mode on every platform. On PS4 I am locked out of Mayhem mode in TVHM. No icon on the map. No pedestal.

It’s more beneficial to farm mayhem at level 50 in normal than play bootleg easier TVHM.

Pretty lame actually. I don’t even want to touch TVHM and play another 24 hours just to have Mayhem back.

For some reason claptrap is stuck in the ship windfield, anyone knows a fix?