Restart the red chest event?

I don’t recall what you called it, but it would be a nice distraction at this time… :sunglasses:

Hope you’ll consider it.

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Lol. I think it was called the red chest event! I do agree though, twud be nice as a random event from time to time. :smiley:


It would just upset people when we get the next level cap increase shortly after the event ends. I don’t disagree it would be a good idea and some fun but the rage if they dare increase the level cap again would be huge. They best wait until they do the next increase then do the event so nobody complains when it ends and then all of a sudden they have to refarm. (Even though that is always how the game has been…)


laughing…undoubtedly. Still, we could farm for better artifacts and mods. …

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Fair enough, those are what every player should prioritize because they remain good throughout the various level cap increases. I have a Spiritual driver and elemental projector otto idol that will be hard to beat. If their was like an event to get them easier I would certainly try to farm for a better on level roll for the both of them. But that isnt really needed as I can solo the takedown with my current set up so that would just be overkill XD

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I’m not there yet and don’t know anything about the “spiritual driver” or “elemental projector otto idol”…which I will now look up. :sunglasses:

hmmm. I have seen the otto idol…

What super mod do you recommend for Moze, if there is one?

Im not a Moze expert so Idunno what’s best on her. I mainly play Amara so that’s a thing I suppose. I would look into the Moze section of the forum for any advice on that.

As someone who plays Moze, I like the Blast Master and Green Monster mods. Raging Bear is great if you enjoy Iron Bear. I’ve seen other Mozes use the Bloodletter mod to good effect as well.

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You like explosions and doing splash damage, Blast Master com would be your go to com.

You like shooting forever with large mag gun, Green Monster com would be your go to com.

You want to build massive shield and shield regen, go with Bloodletter.

You want more bear stuff? Go with Raging Bear, Rocketeer, and there’s another one (forgot the name).

There is no godly Moze build if you compare her to godly Amara or godly Zane. She is fun to use but a lot of people consider her the weakest, the slowest, the most vulnerable.

Edit: You want lifesteal, grab the new com this Thursday from DLC 2

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lol… I haven’t seen Blast Master or Green Monster. Thanks!