Restart without looseing gear and level

(T 400) #1

Hi im wondering if their is a way too reset the missions in BL2 so i can replay the campaign and side mission without looseing my characters gera level or loot, kinda work hard for that stuff almost 600 hours so yupp i dont want too lose my stuff i just want to replay my characters again.

(Jan S.) #2

You can do that in UVHM :smile:

(Cast Iron Chef) #3

Yep. Reseting UVHM just resets the playthrough, you won’t lose your gear, equipment, money/crystals/tokens/keys, or BA ranks.

(T 400) #4

sound great as long as it works on pc also :smile:

(Cast Iron Chef) #5

It does. I’ve done it at least a half a dozen times so far without issues.

(Rockshox00) #6

Does it work on ps3


Yes. Yes, it does.

(Rockshox00) #8

Haha I did it and realised it was a stupid question, I want the flying sandhawk at op level as mines a level 50 an that gun kills everything