Restarted UVHM at level 57.. is this going to be trouble?

i finished with guage at 50 and started uvhm the first time… and hit a real block at bright lights… i just could not stay up… so i ground a bit in tvhm got near second and third tree full on my skills… and second time in vhm, im back in sanctuary or about to be… just need to get the core… but at 58 im finding this a lot more forgiving… slag slag… and hit with shock… i did farm dragger for the hornet… but it really did not go very far… my qestion is … will i still hit the block with the glut thresher… i figure i should be 65 or so by that time… but i dunno… i did splurge on 10 keys before starting uvhm… to give a bit of a buffer… but when i played at 50 things just were too glass cannon… i just wonder if it would have been best to just stall out on bright lights… at 56… bit rambling this first uvhm really got under my skin… any one else try waiting till mid or late 50’s to start tvhm?

If you’re just trying to get past the thresher, you can lure him back to the doorway, (where the constructor spawned) and he can’t go any farther than that after passing through it. You can just stand far back (around where the shipping container drops you off) and sidestep his attacks. That’s usually what I do lol.

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UVHM is going to scale to your level, unless someone is in the game and is a higher level than you.

Just use all the game mechanics at your disposable, it is the third playthrough after all, you should have them down by now.

Slag is your best friend.
Use elemental effective weapons.
Make sure your build and your gear go together, if playing solo you can switch gear as needed since it pauses the game.
Pick your fights carefully, don’t run in to the middle of a crowd of enemies unless that actually is part of your strategy.
Grenades, use them.
Use cover. No need to eat more bullets than you have to.


You might be interested to know, that most of the Gluttonous Thresher’s durability is from shields, so Shock is VERY effect against it. That+slag, should let you tear it appart, if you’re going anarchy route, you might try pre-stacking before the fight too.

well the thing was i had a heck of a time with the crystialist in the freezer… rats went down well enough… once i got to the high lands the rabid stalkers just ripped in to me… i was not expecting to be over powered so bad… i though trap woud help out… but he did lttle good… so i just ran and hoped. made it to GLut… and tried the cheese spots… by the pillar and such… but my shield just fell apart in one shot… i think my gear was just over… 50 level legendary will not go that far even with a 50 bee… at 56 and 57… its just over… but thats the game… im having a better time with this play through its eary days yet… i even farmed lee but he was at 60 and still did not drop anything… but so it goes.

Your main problem seems to be low leveled gear. UVHM requires you to keep your gear at par with your level in order to make it enjoyable. With level 50 gear, you’ll be struggling at level 53, and at level 57… Trouble!

Go farm some chests! Use some Golden keys in Sanctuary (when you get back there).


You may get better advice if you post your build- use this link to do so: And as Ronnie_Rayburn said, you may be using under leveled gear. One of the first things I found out about UVHM was that all that lovely level 50 unique and legendary gear didn’t hold up for long once you got a few more levels on you. While using gold keys help (I still have 175 of them), start using the weapons and gear you find- heck, even white gear might be better than some of the things you have now.

yes, the low level gear is a problem… its hard to let go of a Con Call for some shabby green gun but… i just farmed lee at level 60 and he popped up a UKH at 2 runs… it just ripped to shreads a ultimate bad ass gloith… in Frostburn… i guess i could farm the forest for a level 60 bee… that should get me to saving rolland… right now i have most at level purple and blues… and greens… one UKH… im out of keys… had 10 but they went…

If the CC aint killing your enemy and the ‘shabby’ green one is, then what is so shabby about it? :smile: Put the level 50 stuff in your bank for another character and just upgrade your gear as you go. The only low level stuff that can still be effective at higher levels is class mods, relics and Moxxie weapons (since Moxxie weapons heal for a set amount of the damage you do from any source, not just the damage you do with the weapon itself).

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Magic Missiles are really good, too.

i just got a bee from the forest just had to farm twice… prob is its a 61 and im at 60… but did well enough on the blood shots with greens. but once the angelic things came at me… DT really helped out… should be ok to end of the line… then who… ok made it to level 61 so now i have a level bee and near level UKH… i for got that the trees will pop up a bee at your level in UVHM… that would have saved my first playthrough… wild game in uvhm… much less run and gun.

Now i got my zero going through tvhm… i got some magic missiles from first play though… and the tree is full of bees… and you really dont have to invest time into Tiny Tina… just get to flame rock and start harvesting trees… the bees will fall i got a 56 from just a kill of 3 ants… it will not go far but… it should get me to fynt anyway…

i guess i will just add to this a bit… i now have 2 characters in UVHM… my Guage hit level 61 rigth before the bright lights big city… so… i decided to purchase the 61-72 level pack… i just did not like the idea of not getting exp points for missions and i wanted more stuff… i guess… my zero is in sanctuary at level 58, but i think that going into uvhm at level 61 vs 50 kinda shortens the game a bit.,. later in the story i will not get to add class points to my abilities… a tip for all super noobs like me is get the dlc… markus day and tiny tina… and farm markus for the train but dont forget the money trees… its amazing how soon you loose cash in tvhm… with new you at 150,000 bucks a throw… and farm tiny tina forest for bees… also camp out at the back entrance to nuckle dragger… save quit… and farm for the hornet… its great for armored psychos… thats the education i got…

Respawning is a percentage of your total funds- even if you have no money you’ll still respawn. Money is good for buying rocket launcher ammo (or the rare occasion when a legendary pops up as the Item of the Day)- most other ammo types can easily be found in chest, crates, whatever. While the Hornet is considered the overall best corrosive weapon, the game points out in messages during load screens that armored psychos have no armor on their head- and since the head is the crit spot for most of the human enemies, the lesson is to learn to aim for the crit spots. Getting the hang of that will make UVHM a hell of a lot easier- and of course, slag, slag, slag… :sunglasses:

well, still having trouble with rabid stalkers, rabid skags, cant seem to knock enough hp off… just a bit of a of a follow up…
for rabid beast use a legendary caustic spike shield… it bothers them enough you can get them off you and unload… i made it to the midget farm in TWP… and i was able to get a necromancer leg com… at 60 level… and a bunch of skin of ancients… still is a beat knocking down that bad ass robot… but its doable… and im pretty sure the forest is about 60% chance of a bee so always go to the forest for new gear…

Don’t forget the Marcus Saves Mercenary Day loot train as well- always a good source for gear at your level- and if you’re lucky a legendary or two…

i keep forgetting about the train… and i took my UVHM mechromancer to the train and got a 60 and 61 COM… got a transformer and a legendary sniper too… at UVHM the train is much more bounty full but at first tvhm all i got was blues and greens and a rare purple… its such an easy cheese at the snow man its worth the farm though.

what the heck, bit of an update… i think the key to UVHM is slag and farming the loot train and forest… the DLC packs. when i finish in TVHM the first thing i do is start the Missionary day and the Tiny Tina DLC these now pay out at your level so you can always refresh your gear… rather then catch as catch can in the story mission… that and slag the hell out of all targets… thats the best advice i can give on my own topic… its still a slog and i die a lot…

True. I tried and tried to keep the Legendaries I worked so hard for relevant… Got my ass handed to me repeatedly for it. I have a 58 Siren I can’t seem to get any higher because her gear is all LvL 50 Maliwan stuff (that’s her thing) and she just can’t put 'em down fast enough.

Started upgrading my other Siren as I went and she’s getting along just fine.

:smiley: Who doesn’t!?!?!? Everyone hates them.

When they spawn more than one at a time, it can can ruin your day pretty fast. A spike shield will buy you some time, but the best way to deal with them is crowd control. Deathtrap and singularity grenades will get that job done. Teslas are also great, provided they’re powerful enough. I always keep a rocket launcher handy, so I can shove a few up a rabids butt if the need arises. :sunglasses: