Resting UHVM Question

Well I need a new sandhawk for my Zer0, so I want to reset UHVM but my brother has a lvl 72 Axton that plays with my Zer0 so if i press reset UHVM will he reset UHVM? If not what happens if he resets UHVM, will we be on the same quest or will he be stuck on the beginning quest?

As far as reset goes I’m pretty sure it would be just you.
It can be tricky with quests though. Your brother would only share in any quests he hasn’t already done , but sometimes the quests don’t register properly for player 2.

UVH reseting is spicifice to a character. The Lobbies world is set to the leaders status. So if you restart and he dose not then he joins your session he will NOT get any rewards from quests. Drops, challanges and all other currency gains remain the same.

This is one way to keep a raiding world state while one player gets a higher level quest rewards. Or you can use this to set up loot room saves where you can reload your saves from pre treasure room states and re do the bosses to get legendary and pearl loot. You have to duplicate and upload your saves constently tho.