Restructuring Moze's AS Augments

I think that Iron Bear should have more augment slots, specifically for non-weapon based augments.

Ideally, the following skills would be pulled out of the skill trees and would be used as equippable Action Skill augments instead:
Dakka Bear
Security Bear
Auto Bear

Reasoning: These skills function exclusively with the activation and usage of Moze’s action skill. From what I can tell, no other character has skills that exclusively modify their action skills that aren’t classified as augments.
There are skills which interact with their action skills, but always in the context of also interacting with guns, grenades, cooldown, duration, or character stats.

I would also suggesting adding more augments to choose from. And if you’re going to have more options to choose from, you definitely want to have two “Iron Bear body augment” slots.

  1. Leaky Reactor: Iron Bear has a Radiation Aura while deployed.
  2. Coolant Leak: Allies get 10% bonus cryo damage on all guns while near Iron Bear.
  3. Vent the Plasma: Iron Bear is constantly on fire. Inflict incendiary damage to any enemies that melee Iron Bear.
  4. Ammo Catch: Iron Bear has a 20% chance to absorb bullets as ammo for Moze and her allies.
  5. Crash Jets: Iron Bear has a greatly improved jump height. Landing from a high height counts as a slam.
  6. Defibrillator: Automatically revive any allies in FFYL near Iron Bear (triggers every 5 seconds while IB is active)
  7. Jumper cables: Allies near Iron Bear receive constant 25% shield regen. (Full Can of Whoop Ass : still kept as a skill, but reworked to fully refill Moze’s shield when entering/exiting Iron Bear)
  8. Stainless Steel Bear: Moved to an augment and reworked to just give Iron Bear a second armor bar.

Now realistically, I know that the augment sections of Moze’s skill trees are already kind of crowded with all the weapon modifiers. My suggestion would be to put Dakka Bear, Auto Bear, Security Bear, and three other augments as TIER 1 level augment options (two options per tree).

Please let me know what you think and if you have any other ideas, suggestions, or feedback!

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These are interesting ideas, and Iron Bear certainly needs the help, but it sets a bit of a precedent for free Tier 1 augmentation allowing build diversity the other Vault Hunters wouldn’t get.

It would be nice if every Vault Hunter saw changes like this, of course!

My two cents regarding Iron Bear augments are to add another augmentation slot on each arm, allowing you to Let Off Some Steam from General Winter, or to allow General Winter access to Exploding Bullets. Or how about a Target Softening Hammerdown Protocol? And a Wild Swinging Shockhammer!

Unfortunately, even with all the aforementioned, Iron Bear is probably still a pathetic heap of garbage with any Mayhem Mode activated. :man_shrugging:

Let’s see what Gearbox comes up with to fix this, as they’ve been suggesting.

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I love the idea of being able to combine the augments on each arm. I think the only one that wouldn’t really work with would be Hammerdown Protocol.
But aside from that, the combinations seem like they’d be feasible and awesome!
General Winter + Exploding Bullets
Musical Chairs + Shaped Charge
Shockhammer + Close the Distancr
Honestly, that sounds amazing!

Hmm, if you were gonna replace two weapon augments from each tree right now to make room for chassis augments which ones would you get rid of (or maybe merge with other augments)?

If that’s indeed the correct solution, I’d handle it by moving all baseline weapons to Tier 0: Salamander, Bear Fist and Vanquisher Rocket Pod are all usable at level 2 along with the rest of the baseline weapons.

That frees up a Tier 1 slot on every tree’s right side, while a Tier 4 left side augment can accompany the right side’s Tier 4 augment. You could mix the augment unlock tiers around, of course.

Though, honestly you could go further and incorporate some augments baseline, while adapting certain qualities into chassis augments.

Demolition Woman

  • Shaped Charge direct hit damage is baseline for V-35 Grenade Launcher
  • Active Tracking target locking is baseline for Vanquisher Rocket Pod
  • Active Tracking reload speed is adapted to chassis augment for all weapons

Shield of Retribution

  • Capacitive Armature splintering damage is baseline for Railgun
  • Wild Swing area of effect is baseline for Bear Fist
  • Wild Swing random elements is adapted to chassis augment for all weapons

Bottomless Mags

  • Let Off Some Steam heat damage is baseline for Minigun
  • Fuel Economy movement speed is baseline for Salamander
  • Fuel Economy fuel drain reduction is adapted into chassis augment for all weapons

This would allow 2 tiers that have 2 weapon augmentations each for a total of 4, and 1-3 chassis augments per tree on alternating tiers with the weaponry. You could alternate weapon augment tiers with chassis augment tiers for a total of 8 augments per tree, but no other vault hunter has that many augments per tree.

Amara 5/5/5
Flak 6/6/6
Moze 7/7/7
Zane 5/5/5

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I think those are fantastic ideas!

Honestly, that seems like a fairly reasonable trade off for the fact that Moze only has only one Action Skill, with a variable duration and a long cooldown, and during which you lose all the DPS of your standard guns and grenades.

Also, she’s supposed to be piloting a frikken’ mech! You should feel badass piloting it.

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So, talking with another poster in the weekly patch thread, and it came up that some of these effects could be duplicated by new annointments and legendary COMs.
In particular, I think the Iron Bear Rad Aura could be a good annointment.
I think the jump jets/slam idea would make a fun class mod, and really encourage the usage of slam relics.

Also, I think we should officially petition the devs to change Vampyr to proc off of all splash damage, not just grenades.

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