Results of Graveward Legendary Farming. 100 runs at every Mayhem level (Added Dedicated Drop numbers)

So I was bored and possibly a little stupid. I wondered what would be the most efficient way to farm world drop legendary items. We all know the dedicated drop rate sucks and I wasn’t at all interested in doing hundreds of runs of that, but I did want to get a general idea of what does drop in random world drops, and just how “random” is it really.

To get the conditions of this simple test out of the way. I did all 500 runs with my same level 50 Flak. All runs are in True Vault Hunter Mode. My Guardian Rank Luck modifier was at 13.9% the entire time, and I did not use any weapon or item that modified my Luck beyond changes in the Mayhem setting.

I picked Graveward because he’s the easiest kill in the game for me reducing the time it took to do this, and because my expectation was that he would be a good example of randomized world loot drops.

I’ve tracked every Legendary dropped by type, name, and whether or not it had an anointment. I did not track elemental beyond the name, and did not track the type of anointment. I will have a full list of every item dropped in a nice pretty spreadsheet a little later, but it’s going to take a few hours to enter everything in and arrange it.

Now, with that out of the way, here are the basic results.

100 Runs Graveward TVHM Mayhem 0
Guns: 11 (1 Anointed)
Grenades: 4
Shields: 5
Artifacts: 14
Class Mods: 2
Decorations: 7

Total Legendaries Dropped = 43
Total Anointed Items = 1

100 Runs Graveward TVHM Mayhem 1
Guns: 44 (4 anointed)
Grenades: 6
Shields: 13 (4 anointed)
Artifacts: 22
Class Mods: 10
Decorations: 13

Total Legendaries Dropped = 108
Total Anointed Items = 8

100 Runs Graveward TVHM Mayhem 2
Guns: 57 (12 anointed)
Grenades: 9
Shields: 19 (1 anointed)
Artifacts: 22
Class Mods: 20
Decorations: 14

Total Legendaries Dropped = 141
Total Anointed Items = 13

100 Runs Graveward TVHM Mayhem 3
Guns: 71 (25 anointed)
Grenades: 14 (1 anointed)
Shields: 18 (5 anointed)
Artifacts: 32
Class Mods: 13
Decorations: 19

Total Legendaries Dropped = 167
Total Anointed Items = 31

100 Runs Graveward TVHM Mayhem 4
Guns: 118 (39 anointed)
Grenades: 36 (1 anointed)
Shields: 25 (2 anointed)
Artifacts: 32
Class Mods 22
Decorations: 26

Total Legendaries Dropped = 259
Total Anointed Items = 42

As I said, I’ll have the full list of items in a while. It’s going to take a couple of hours to put it together. But, it does show some interesting trends. As for the numbers above, I would love to see someone do 1000 runs at each level before I made some definitive statements, but from what I did I would say it certainly appears that loot distribution is not all that random. The fact that artifact drops at both M1 and M2, and then again in M3 and M4 were exactly the same makes me wonder if there isn’t a hard cap there, or at least weighted so the closer you get to a set number the less likely one of those items is to fall.

Anyways, that’s the numbers so far, for anyone interested in seeing real world numbers.


Amazing info.

Gotta say, though. The annointment rate for legendaries on M4 is extremely disheartening. I have seen this first hand. They really need to buff that a bit. I found 3 Hex grenades from Graveward last night (almost unheard of for me) and none were annointed.

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you’re pretty lucky with the hex drops, I have been playing and farming since launch and I have received two hex grenades total, both mirv, one shock and the other radiation. what I do get a ton of are legendary clas mods. my bank is full of them.

@moustangman. Respect! Thank you for your time! :smiley::sunglasses:


Yeah, def lucky. However, if it isnt annointed, its basically garbage. That 50% ASE elemental annointment is just a must-have. It sucks, too, cause I really want to use a Hex grenade but a purple with that elemental annointment is superior in M4.


I appreciate the effort you put into this, Great Job.

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Oh, and I will make one comment about Dedicated Loot Drop Rates.

Graveward is the Dedicated Drop For The Lob, Ward, and Grave.

Mayhem 0

The Lob = 2
Ward = 1
Grave = 2

Mayhem 1

The Lob = 4 (2 anointed)
Ward = 0
Grave = 2

Mayhem 2

The Lob = 0
Ward = 4 (1 anointed)
Grave = 1

Mayhem 3

The Lob = 3 (1 anointed)
Ward = 2
Grave = 2 (1 anointed)

Mayhem 4

The Lob = 1
Ward = 4 (1 anointed)
Grave = 3

You know what I said about caps? 44 total drops at M0 and 259 total drops at M4, but only a 3 item drop difference in the Dedicated Drops. And Mayhem doesn’t appear to make any difference to the rate of anointments as long as it’s on for Dedicated Drops.

This is where I would really like to see someone do this at 1000 runs instead of 100. If these rates stay consistent then you may as well farm dedicates at Mayhem 1. Going higher only makes it harder with no better chance of the item you’re looking for.

And for those Mayhem 4 only items. Yeah, now you know why the drop rate sucks so bad.


At Mayhem 4 I had Hex, Cloning Hex, and two drops of MIRV Hex.

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Those dedicated drop rates are TERRIBLE. I heard people complaining but I didn’t realize it was that bad. Anyway, thanks for keeping track. Any legendaries you saw in abundance?

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This is my suggestion to it:

It changed depending on Mayhem levels. I was actually very surprised about that.

There were a bunch of Monocles at every level. Same with Woodblocker. Those two both had significantly higher drop rates than the rest. You may be surprised as to how often Flakker, Maggie, and Lyuda show up on the list. And I’ll have to double check, but I don’t think I found a Hornet until the 90th something run at M4. So 490+ runs to find one of those.

And if you’re curious, I onlyu kept 6 legendaries and any decorations I hadn’t found yet out of all the loot. The rest got noted and left on the ground. I was also averaging $180,000 and 60 Eridium per run at M4. Didn’t keep track of any of the lower levels, but if anyone knows what to do with 70,000+ Eridium please let me know.


They will probably implement a use for eridium in the future, so just try saving it up. I am glad that Graveyard drops the Lyuda alot, as I have been farming troy for a while for one with no luck. I should try farming graveyard instead.

I still think a great change to make would be to allow Crazy Earl to sell anointments. He could place a random anointment on any item of your choice for 1,000 Eridium, and then you could pick which anointment you want added for 10,000 Eridium. It would still be a farm, but I gained over 70,000 Eridium during this test, that would be enough to pick my anointment for 7 items. Enough to take care of any character needs and could be done in a single day if you aren’t writing down every damned legendary you find.


This is great work, thankyou - though I’m quite disheartened that only 1% of your findings were useful loot (in that you kept)

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I had an Annexed Vicious Lyuda drop at M1. Had 3 different Flakkers, a Maggie, and a Cutsman all drop at M1 as well.

I’ve put over a hundred hours into this Flak before I even started this. I’m actually gathering loot for other characters which I am either working on or haven’t even started yet. (I have no Amara)

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Fast enough for you?

Man, I was really hoping they would move beyond the 1/10 drop chance divided by the number of drops in the pool, but that’s pretty much what this looks like. It’s such a bad system, as you start getting bosses with a lot of designated drops, the odds are so low for what you actually want. that’s how we got like the warrior being 1/70 just to get a conference call. Except with the added RNG layer of anointments and rare spawns… ugh

i have done 50 runs on a couple of other bosses across mayhems, and mayhem seems to make no difference to rate of the drop, as a lot of people have been saying. Which is also very unrewarding

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Wow, great work! one note, to determine the anointment rate, the legendaries that cannot be anointed should not be considered in the total lengendaries so with that, the anointment rate for M4 is not too bad.

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I need to get my hands on a cutsman, hehe. Takes me a minute with an anointed conference call.

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