Retailer Option

When you go to buy the game the “Retailer” choice is Epic Games Store, 2k Store and Retailer. The Epic Games Store is self explanatory but what do the other two even mean?

2K Store is basically selling the game by way of EGS codes as far as I can make out. Retailer would be local bricks-and-mortar chain (GameStop, EBGames, etc.) for physical copies.

So then how is 2K store any different from EGS?

Good question. Other than being owned by 2K rather than Epic, I’m not sure. My guess is that they sell BL3 because it’s one of many 2K titles, but since it’s an Epic exclusive on PC for 6 months they’re just reselling codes. Obviously, they also sell all the other 2K published games.

I’m just not sure where to but the game from. I don’t intend to wait 6 months though. I’ve already waited seven years for this game!

Fanatical had -12% off from all editions.
Dunno if it’s still a thing.