Retroactive Trophies?

I’ve been playing the free version of the game and completed the lore challenges for a few characters but, didn’t recieve any trophies. After looking into it I realized that there is no trophy support for the free edition.

So I purchased the full version but, the trophies remain locked. Does this mean that ill never get those trophies; even though I completed the criteria to unlock them in the free to play edition?

If so, I’d have to admit it would kill a bit of my invective to stay with the game as long. I had planned on unlocking the lore trophies for each of the hero’s as I master them…

Please let me know if there is any way to remedy this.


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I’m sure they’ll look to help you,
For visibility but they’ll end up asking you to place a support ticket

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Have you played a game with the characters on the full version? That might do it!

@Ashbweh makes a good point - it’s possible that simply playing the same character in the full game will trigger the trophies you’ve already claimed. I’ve had something similar happen with a character I’d transferred from 360 to XB1 - arriving on any map in a new play-through would trigger a cascade of map achievements.


Yes, this would be my advice for a first step. Just go to and submit a ticket. Our team will happily look into this for you.